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[Decree: Redraw maps.]

[While having been here only long enough to know it wasn't home, Sync was far, far from pleased. He had a lot of duties he needed to get back to, and at least three people had seemed shocked to death before running away that he wasn't a little kid anymore.

No, this Sync was an adult of 20, and garbed in some very nice ceremonial robes with a talbard and necklace that only meant he could be the Fon Master, through some strange twist of fate, apparently. He hadn't gotten any quality conversation as most people had run away to avoid him, or threatened him till he left, and he was frankly done with everyone here unless they could show a shred of common sense and decency. He was currently sitting on the edge of a fountain wondering if this was just some strange dream brought on by too many arguments with the Maestros and he was stressed to the point of mental illness.
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[Don't worry Sync! A familiar face is headed straight towards you!

Except is seems to be hidden by a large stack of books. Anise is apparently serious about doing some research thanks to certain people here. And being that she's so determined she's become, well a little over ambitious. Before she can make to too far past him, her heel catches in between some of the cobblestones, causing her to stumble and drop more than half her stack.

...I knew I should have brought Tokunaga today...
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[Anise blinked at hearing Sync's voice, looking up in surprise at the young man. Man being the keyword as she studied him over quickly.

..And then he had to open his mouth.

There's no need for name calling you know~ As for knowing me, well I'm not too sure since I don't really know you. If you are who I think you are...well the last time I saw you, you were in Eldrant...

Thank you for helping me, cobblestone is rather unforgiving on heels at times.

[She knelt down with him, quickly stacking up her books again while studying him out of the corner of her eye.]

May I inquire about your attire?
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[Anise blinked as he explained himself, barely grabbing up her stack before standing and exclaiming in surprise.]

Wait a minute! You're a Fon Master!? That is SO not fair!
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No one is Fon Master really...Not yet anyway.

[It was a goal of hers but it always looked so far away, especially with the Maestros' meddling.

Anise finally bent down, picking up her stack finally with a heavy sigh.

Still, that really isn't fair...

[Don't mind her, she'll just be pouting, seems like everyone but her is able to be Fon Master.]
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[Really, this wasn't the most mature display from her. After a moment she heaved another sigh before quietly speaking to him.]

I apologize for the outburst, it's just a frustrating issue as you may have guessed.

[He was right though, they were looking for a puppet, not a leader.]

So how long have you been here anyway? You know this isn't Auldrant, right?
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Spoken like a true politician.

[It was hard to tell if she was being sarcastic or genuine with that comment.

Her attention was grabbed for a moment as she paused in front of a cozy looking house before opening up a small metal gate so she could let herself in.

If you like, you can just place the books on the porch steps, I'm not too sure if anyone is inside.
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Should I be inviting you in for tea? You don't really seem like the sort for that...

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[Hey, here's another replica, Sync! Have fun with this one.

Luke is currently walking down the sidewalk next to the fountain. He is very frustrated with the situation at hand. He has gotten over the shock of being here, having had the chance to learn a bit about where he is isn't. He pauses next to the fountain to scratch his head and sigh in frustration, his short red locks being tossed around gently. He glances to the side and happens to notice someone very familiar. His first thought is "Ion?", until he realizes the clothes and height are way off. He walks up to the person and pauses only feet away.]

What's your name?

[His tone is of confusion and curiosity.]
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[Fon Master... Sync... ... This will take some time to process. The look on his face makes it very clear how surprised he is at hearing those two things together. The fact that this supposed "Fon Master" knew his name just clarified it even further, which confused/surprised Luke even further.]

Um... ok...

[Then it was as though the surprise went away completely. He spoke as though it were just Sync.]

Well, do you know why or how we're here?
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[Don't take it personally, Sync~ He's confused enough, as it is! Adult Anise, LIVING Asch, and now a Fon Master Sync? Yeah, his poor replica brain can't take anymore...]

I see... That makes me feel less crazy, then. [He sighs and scratches the back of his head, looking off to the side as he does so.]

And yeah... I met Jade, Anise, ... Asch [he says that name with much confusion in his voice], and... [he pauses a moment] an Anise that's much older than I remember her.

[He sighs again-he's sighed a lot since he got here-and looks back to Sync. He places a hand on his hip and pauses a moment.]

So... you're really a Fon Master? When ... and how... did that happen?

["What happened to Florian being Fon Master...?" is what he really wants to ask.]
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Three... years...? [Just how much later is Sync from...? The red head frowns in confusion, for a moment. He somehow eventually manages to form some words.]

What happened to Florian? And what exactly... [He pauses, as though having trouble sorting the questions out in order of importance. He finally ]

How long, exactly, after Lorelei was freed did this happen?
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[He nodded as an acknowledgement, though he was still a little surprised at this change. Of course that change was nothing compared to their current situation. He scratches the back of his head a moment when Sync is done talking. After some thought, he decided the best thing to do was to just focus on what he could do... which is pretty much nothing, really. He would just have to accept everything as it was. For now, at least.]

Alright, where do you want to go? [He has a bit of a smile on his face, it is still really weird to consider Sync more of a comrade than an enemy. Who knows, though, Sync could actually still be a bad guy back on Auldrant... posing as an ally, here, just to mess with them. Of course, Luke would be the easiest one to trick out of the entire group. He was the very last person to stop trusting Van, after all.]
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Oh... [He begins following him, a pondering expression on his face. He began thinking about a lot of things, he never had the time to think about prior to the battle against Van.]

How... is everything? I mean... Is everything calm, now, at least? [He seems to still be struggling to take the concept of Sync as Fon Master.]

It's ok! c:

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