fon_master_badass: (The roar of the sky being destroyed.)
Fon Master Sync ([personal profile] fon_master_badass) wrote in [community profile] abyssdressing2013-04-29 12:20 am

[Decree: Redraw maps.]

[While having been here only long enough to know it wasn't home, Sync was far, far from pleased. He had a lot of duties he needed to get back to, and at least three people had seemed shocked to death before running away that he wasn't a little kid anymore.

No, this Sync was an adult of 20, and garbed in some very nice ceremonial robes with a talbard and necklace that only meant he could be the Fon Master, through some strange twist of fate, apparently. He hadn't gotten any quality conversation as most people had run away to avoid him, or threatened him till he left, and he was frankly done with everyone here unless they could show a shred of common sense and decency. He was currently sitting on the edge of a fountain wondering if this was just some strange dream brought on by too many arguments with the Maestros and he was stressed to the point of mental illness.

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