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One: Alter

[The wetness suited his mood, threatening to rinse everything away, even the very colors of life itself.

He would have been fine with that. Letting the water rinse the crimson from the hair on his head, letting it pool on the ground like the blood that should be mingling with it. Somehow, he was alive. He also knew that he had finally released his destiny, forced Luke to take the reigns as Luke fon Fabre, while the ashes of the Sacred Flame diminished and vanished in the wind. He had no idea what had happened after he put his trust into the replica with his dying breaths, didn't know what fate had befallen the world, or more importantly, Natalia.

He knew this was not home though. He also knew that as long as he still breathed, he had a promise to fulfill. If this was the afterlife, it was terrible, but even if it was he'd slash his way through it and take hold of whatever he needed to answer that promise, just as she knew he would.

Until then...he needed three things; food, shelter, and a weapon. He could do without the third for a time, as he was a fonist, but the first two were priority as he felt the pangs of hunger rise, and the fatigue of sleep pulling at him, attempting to command him to meet these needs.

I guess dying works up an appetite. [More of a grunt than words. Shoving his bangs up and aside to not blind him, Asch started walking, curious about the streets he now walked.]
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[Rain made her feel restless.

There wasn't much you can do in it and when time was of the essence, weather could be a terrible enemy. She remembered many rainy days that she felt anxious when they were cutting it close on where they needed to be. But that was in the past now, right?

Anise was currently sitting underneath a covered porch watching the rain. As restless as she had normally felt, she didn't mind watching it from time to time. The constant soft drumming of the drops could be soothing if she let it be. Of course, any means of relaxing were dashed as she spotted Asch walking around without any sort of umbrella.

Which lead the puppeteer to ask the most obvious question, her voice called out above the noise of the rain.

What are you doing in the rain without an umbrella?
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If you like Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain~♪

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[You're sure as hell not dancing or singing.Anise frowned at the retort. If it wasn't for the fact that he almost looked like a sad, drenched puppy, a more scathing retort would have fallen from her lips in that instance.]

Looks like you're trying to catch a cold to me.

[A more sinister grin made it's way across her lips before she decided to tease the swordsman.]

You know, if you're trying to woo Natalia, I think you're going about it the wrong way~♪

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I like to play in the street obviously, I'm HARD CORE.

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[Aww, come on, that's almost as bad as a wet dog coming in to dry himself. Regardless, Anise perked up as he moved in out of the rain.

This meant he was within hitting distance so she had to be a little bit more careful.

Well as far as what I understand from being told...We're in a nexus of sorts that likes to pull from different times and different dimensions of Auldrant.
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I can get more descriptive if you really want to read it.

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((OOC: Canon point is before Eldrant. I'm trying to merge my Natalias into one journal, although I think it'll prove more difficult in the long run...))

[Her time in this place had been a test of both patience and will. Though Natalia had done what she could for the people she encountered, not carols nor gift-giving nor foreign traditions could completely block out those things which weighed heavily on her mind.]

[She was needed back home; it was as simple as that. If they were indeed going to face off against Van, then her companions required her aid as both a fighter and a healer. Not only her companions, but her people. Once Lorelei was freed, there would be questions, and with those questions, a great deal of change and hard work. How would she even begin to address the countless concerns of her citizens? And then, of course...there was Asch. His outburst in Grand Chokmah had been surprising to say the least, but it had also been the most she had ever heard him say about his thoughts and ambitions. The most in seven years... Not that any of that had been left open for discussion. ]

[Natalia's fingers tightened around the handle of her umbrella as she slowly picked her way down the street. A wet and dreary day if ever she saw one - a day for staying indoors. Which made it all the more surprising to turn a corner and find another person walking through the gloom unprotected. Were they all right? Perhaps they'd gotten caught in the rain?]

[Wait! That was--! Natalia gasped, immediately hurrying towards him and splashing right through a particularly large puddle. A pink umbrella on legs.]

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[Reaching him, breathless, Natalia lifted the umbrella in an attempt to shield them both from the elements. Not that...such a gesture came with much benefit; Asch already appeared to be completely and utterly drenched.]

I could be asking the same of you. Asch, you're soaked! [It's more exclamation than admonishment. She shouldn't be surprised - it was clear enough that Asch chose to push himself and disregard his own condition in favor of a much larger picture, but today, here, she wouldn't have it. There was simply no point. Natalia glanced up at his face, looking worried.]

There were several matters which required my attention. [Little more than errands, in all honesty.] How long have you been out here?
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["Too long" seemed a bit more like it. Natalia would have continued to fret had she not become aware of Asch's hand clasped over hers. She smiled a bit sheepishly, relinquishing her hold on the umbrella and settling back onto her heels.] So I see.

[ see you. So then he wasn't angry at her. Natalia folded her hands loosely in front of her, her expression smoothing into something more cheerful.]

Yes! It's good to see you as well. I... [It all sounded so insubstantial. In all honesty, Natalia had been longing to talk with Asch, but such an opportunity never seemed to present itself. Or there had been other things which required their immediate attention.] ...I had hoped we might cross paths again in Chesedonia, but I suppose that you and your companions chose to spend the night elsewhere.

[Natalia shook her head, choosing her words carefully.] It's all right. There's only a little shopping left to be done and you're already well-acquainted with my poor cooking performance. Why don't we go inside?

[Long enough was long enough and the last thing she wanted was for Asch to catch his death standing out in the rain on her account.]

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[[Ok, so. I had a long post. The computer ate it. :/]]

[Rain tends to bring out a deeper side to the replica. He unwillingly is reminded of all things he would prefer to forget. Every feeling, thought (including the darker ones he likes to pretend he has never had), memory... It is all brought to the surface. More importantly, he worries more. As of right now, about fifteen questions of whether or not everyone (especially a certain young girl with brown hair) is alright, has gone through his mind. He is not known as the praying type, but he has also sent up a few prayers... just to be safe.

If he had no idea about how Asch is, he would be worried about him as well. Unfortunately, he knows Asch's state. He held his very body in his arms, after all...]

"...up an appetite."

[That voice... it sounds all too familiar, to Luke's ears. He is stunned, to say the least. He stops his progress on the road, immediately. He begins to look around, unsure of which direction that voice came from. He has yet to see a single person (or even an animal, at that), so far. His brow wrinkles, causing the hair that is stuck to it to move a bit. The rain was not thick enough to prevent him from being able to see a decent distance away. Pretty soon a face appears from around the corner. It is a very familiar one, definitely the one that matches the voice he heard.

The face that, the last time he saw it, had closed eyes and pale skin. The face that, at one point, made him sick to his stomach. The face that used to be only his own, until the terrible secret was made known. That face...]


[He did not intend for his voice to be as quiet as it was. It is very unlikely that Asch even heard him. He sighs and begins walking closer. At the moment, shock has a nasty hold on his voicebox. All he can think, now, is the words "please don't be a replica, please be him... If it's him, that means Asch is alive... Unless... I died, too." That thought comes sadly. If he is dead, this is definitely not the type of place he expected to end up.]
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["Luke" felt almost wrong coming from the other. It is almost enough to spark a laugh from the replica. Instead of a laugh, however, there is only a frown. He studies Asch a moment, before glancing off to the side. He was definitely the same Asch that Luke remembered. He sighs and looks back to the other. With that, he cannot help but to smile a little... mostly at what he says first.]

We already took care of Van. He's gone. Have you seen the others?

[He knows that Asch will be glad to know of Van's fate.

Asch's answer to the last question would answer another question that Luke has.]
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[Luke listens silently, his eyes resting on the ground at this point. He has a worried expression on his face, before he forces it away and looks back to Asch. He has an almost insulted expression on his face at that last question.]

Of course I can fight... Say, Asch...?

[He pauses for a few seconds, once again.]

... What's the last thing you remember before ending up here?

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[The rain felt cleansing as it washed over her.

Initially she had gotten caught in the sudden downpour before just...well relaxing in it. It wasn't often she could 'let loose' and enjoy the spring rain. Anise found a bench near a courtyard, sitting down she leaned back as she let the rain wash over her. This is probably one of the few times she's completely let her guard down.
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[Oh come on.

Her moment of peace was now fully gone, causing her to sigh.

Anise leaned forward, opening her eyes to look up at the red headed swordsman who seemed to be rather umbrella-less in this moment of time. She raised a brow before smirking at him.

Of course Asch, aren't you?
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[A coy smile made it's way to her lips before she signaled with her hand the rest of the bench.]

Would you like to have a seat? There's more than enough room here for the two of us.

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[The rain tends to bring about memories-memories he could really do without, honestly. He has come to terms with his past, by this point; however, he cannot help but to think about it just a little too much on dreary days such as this. Honestly, it may help a bit, if he could just manage to find a certain replica. Worrying about his best friend, did little to keep his mind from wondering to the memories he had associated with red head years back... before he finally learned that it had nothing to do with the current Luke. Now, any remaining bitterness and rage is directed at only one of the Duke's sons. Guy attempts to distract himself with other thoughts, forcing them towards the last memories he has of Auldrant.

It was the night before they were going to land on Eldrant...

Man... To think they were that close to finally ending things with his old friend... To this thought, the blue-eyed swordsman decides to pause under a building's overhang. He needs a break from getting soaked, so that maybe he can shave a little of his chances of getting sick off. As he stands there, he catches a glimpse of something red.

To that, he quickly turns his head in the direction of which he saw it. His eyes widen a little. A faint hint of bitterness swells within his stomach, but he quickly pushes it aside. A familiar face, whether it be the son of your most hated enemy or not, is always a relief (in a way, at least). He takes a deep breath and approaches the slightly shorter man.

Asch! [He gives a quick smile and nod in greeting.]

Have you seen the others? [By others, he of course means Luke, Tear, Jade, Anise, and Natalia. Despite attempting to sound polite, he has a "to the point" tone. His hunger level, need for shelter, and -most of all- concern for his friends is getting the better of him. Despite knowing that they can take care of themselves (he has witnessed this fact many many times, after all), this is an unknown land.
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[He expected this sort of reaction, so his expression does not change much. There is a hint of worry about the fact that Asch has not seen anyone, either. Unless, of course, Asch is lying - which the red head does not tend to do. In truth, there is a part of him relieved to simply have found someone - even if it is Asch, of all people. He sighs, scratches the side of his head a moment.]

Look, we're both stuck here, right? I think it's a good idea if we let our feelings towards one another go. We need to work together to figure out how this place works.
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Right. [His tone does not quite match the word. There is just a hint of an amused expression with his eyes at Asch's denial. He nods, nonetheless to Asch's words, just before listening to the red head's questions.

I'm afraid not. You're the first person I've seen since I've arrived, actually. I was beginning to think that I'm the only one here. [A slight sigh escapes his lips as he puts his chin between two fingers in thought.]

There's a library, though. Maybe they'll have books with information on this place.

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