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possible afterlife [warning: spoiler alert for those that haven't finished!]

Silence. Not even the sound of birds chirping.

He has never seen a place such as this. Empty, no signs of so much as animals. He pauses in his steps to look around. He is more than confused, at this point. If this is where death brings you, he will be more than surprised. This is nothing like what he imagined. Green hues carefully search the area for a moment as he silently ponders. He takes in a deep breath and begins walking, once more. He eventually comes to what appears to be a town. He still has yet to see anyone. He is starting to worry that he is the only person here.

He can feel frustration building. Finally, a loud groan escapes his lips and he shouts (not too loudly-only those within ten or twenty feet would hear it!).

"Where the hell am I?!"
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[Well of course no one is around, it's pretty early in the morning. So early that Anise stepped out in nothing but a nightgown and robe to give Luke a look,]

Luke! It's too early for this, what are you yelling about?

[The young woman crossed her arms, leaning against the doorway as she awaited the answer. She was in the middle of making tea after all when she heard the loud yell.]
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Luke it's too early for this and you have yet to answer my question.

[The look that's she's giving Luke currently says he should get to the point sooner rather than later.]
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[This was going to be a long morning, wasn't it?]

If you're wondering who I am; yes I am Anise Tatlin, my current age is nineteen.

As for where this place is, it definitely isn't Auldrant. It does have a lot of this from it here, but it's definitely not home.
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Yes it can, this includes multiples. Don't get them confused with replicas though, it's much different.

[Anise raised up a hand to stifle a yawn, not doing much good against it. She needed caffeine and soon otherwise she may just fall asleep mid-sentence on Luke.]

So what was happening before you came here Luke? On Auldrant that is.

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[You've done it now Luke; interrupting a Lady's beauty-sleep is a terrible mistake to make and the redhead had better believe that this Lady was going to say something about it.]


[She called as she skipped up in a modest gown fit for a young girl and Tokunaga holding onto her arm for the moment. As soon as she was close to the redhead her expression changed abruptly from sweet to sour.]

What is your problem? Lil'ol Anise will take care of it and it'd better be a good one.

If you know what's good for you♥
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After what Luke?

[Her hands move into fists, pressing themselves on her hips. Her expression still isn't pleasant, but is now more sleepy than murderous. When he brings up his own questions, she shakes her head.]

A nexus...Everyone may be here, or not; it depends, really. [Pursing her lips a moment, she shrugs.] Who can say. Do you want something to eat?
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[Anise looked upset when Luke said that. She immediately ran up and gave him a big hug.]

I missed you...

[Then of course it was on to the matter of food.]

Come right this way~ I'll make you something good♥

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[The hour was likely early for most, but not Jade. He was researching even still, and working more on building a prototype now that he had officially met with his partner for the endeavor.

At this moment though? He was on his way to meet a certain raven-haired woman that he hoped was awake and waiting for him.

Better still if she just happened to have tea. It was not to be it seemed, as he was stopped by a terrible shout, and recognizing the source as a Luke, the older man wasn't terribly concerned but came over anyway, checking in that way a parent might check on a child.

Good morning Luke~ I'm glad to hear you're exercising so soon in the day. I might join you but I'm afraid at my age my lung capacity and diaphragm aren't quite what they used to be...

[Have a smile, by the way. He knows that if the redhead has woken anyone up, it will be quite entertaining to watch.]
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Oh? I thought it more depended on when one woke, my apologizes for trifling with your sense of reality, Luke.

[It was said in jest. When Luke started with his questions though, Jade's smile shrank to the one he always wore.]

It is best defined as a nexus, something where all things meet. [Following Luke's hand, Jade is glad the redhead wasn't attacked while he was outside of town. Though he doesn't comment on it either way, Luke doesn't always need to know about his feelings.]

Everyone, and no one. People come and go, so I'm told~
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I've apparently 'come and gone' and returned again~

[A few times. The first time he had forgotten everything, at least until Anise had brought him up to speed.]

Yes. Just as abruptly as you arrived, actually~ I must say that it's surprising to see someone that has yet to pop in at least once before now. I would ponder on this... But, I'm hardly an expert on Temporal Physics~

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I can do prose if you'd rather.

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A town. Where else?

[The deadpan response will be coming from beneath an awning at what must be a restaurant of some kind. Asch is leaning there against the door frame with his arms crossed, wearing what looks to be a waiter's uniform. It's far too early for the breakfast crowd, but Asch is there for other reasons.]
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[Asch scowls at the reaction, already unreasonably convinced that this idiot's cluelessness is proof enough that he isn't the same Luke he sent off to Daath so many months ago.]

I work here. [There's a slight edge to the reply, but he'll continue on regardless.] A nameless town. One I highly doubt you've been to before.
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[Asch watches him, but doesn't seem too bothered when Luke approaches. At least, he doesn't look like he's going to start shouting or pull a sword on him. In fact, he's trying to work out in his mind the least frustrating method of trying to explain the situation.]

About four months. [That's Auldrant time. In real-speak, he's been in the dressing room since mid-October of last year.]

Some people have been stuck in this place for even longer than that.

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