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Final chapter with a twist?

[He is unsure of just how he got into this predicament. Where exactly is here? His eyes are narrowed as he gazes at the small buildings, shops, and houses. They seemed to be occupied, however quiet the town may be. A hand rests on his hip as he ponders the thought of going any further. There is no telling how peaceful the residents are, considering he knows nothing about this place. A sigh escapes his lips. There is only one way to find out, right? Considering the foes he has defeated and the tasks he has completed up to this point, he has a faintest idea that he could take any... hostilities this town has to throw at him. Be them big or small.

He is then brought back to the thoughts of what led to his return to a certain field on a certain starry night. The final battle... then the creation of who he is, now. When he and Asch finally merged... He finally became the real Luke fon Fabre. It was not, however, that the replica had taken in Asch. Oh no. The original Luke fon Fabre took in the replica. So, in a sense, the final product was nothing more than "Asch" with both he and replica Luke's feelings and memories. The most strange part was that Luke's memories and feelings were the ones that stood out more. After all, this final product called himself "Luke". Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Asch had been dead when the two of them merged? It would make more sense that way.

Luke unfortunately has no idea why things are the way they are. He just... is, in the way that things just... are.

Another sigh escapes his lips. He may as well just go on in, right?

With that, he begins walking into the town. Once inside, he smiles. This place is definitely odd, with a sense that there is something dangerous lurking nearby. Other than that, though, it is a bit peaceful.

Heh, guess I should find out who lives here...

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[A bit further into town Luke might see someone who may not be that familiar at all. Quietly she's looking around, seeming a tad nervous as she is doing so. If anyone could sense that something was off it would be her. Or maybe it was the fact she could hardly sense at all. Sure, she could touch a building and after a moment of concentrating get a small story about what it had been through but she was use to gaining such information with ease. There was one thing that she was very sure of though.]

This is not Auldrant...
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[The young woman blinked, staring up at him. Memories of what she had foretold came back to her and he was in one of her premonitions...]

Scion of Lorelei...

[This left her feeling quite confused, especially since he was to be born quite a bit past her lifetime. Carefully, she extended a hand for him to take.]

You are one of the first people I've seen as well.
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[After a moment of holding his hand she smiled, looking up at him.]

I see your journey was quite different than what I foretold...Very interesting too, nothing I would have ever imagined happening...And now you are looking to fulfill a promise to a scion of my own? Mystearica?
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It was tough for a purpose you know, because of your endeavors is the reason why you are here today.

[That and Lorelei's blessing didn't hurt too much either]

As for Mystearica...She is here. Many instances of her come and go though so to find the one that is directly connected to you may be hard...

[After a moment, Yulia seemed to be the one to realize she was still holding on and after a moment of hesitation, let go.]
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It is...hard to tell...

[It wasn't often that something like this happened...at all. Yulia brought a hand up, tapping her chin gently in thought.]

I suppose we should have a look around and see where it is best to rest before maybe inquiring to the locals as to what's going on?
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[For the most part she was following the man, she had stopped in front of a few buildings, staring at them for a moment before brushing her hand against the rough stonework. Eventually she caught up to him, staring at the inn with knowing blue eyes. Gently she pressed a hand to the door, holding it there for a moment before reaching for the handle to let herself in.]

They have a room available on the second floor, they seem to be free of charge too...
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[A soft, grateful smile appeared on her lips before she thanked him as she passed through.

The inn seemed to be rather sleepy, which seemed like a good thing. An actual place of rest than a rowdy party. Yulia followed him to the front desk, pausing for a moment to place a hand on the counter.

Someone should show up...

[After a minute, someone passed in the back, pausing before realizing that there were customers.]

Oh sorry! Room for two? The two of you seem new so this night will be free of charge.

[Yulia nodded her head in agreement, the clerk then picked up a key to their room before showing them the way. The room was where the young woman said it would be, on the second floor. The clerked opened it and showed that it was quite cozy looking.]

If you have any problems just come to the front desk.

[With those words, the clerk left the two of them along. Yulia stepped into the room, looking around for a moment.]

It feels almost like home.
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...Oh...I almost forgot about food.

[She was so distracted by someplace new. Of course with food being mentioned a small growl could be heard from her stomach. A look of embarrassment came over her before she tried to laugh it off.]

Perhaps we could look around some, there should be something relatively cheap. Maybe free even.
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[Yulia thanked him softly before wandering out of the hotel. She weaved here and there, looking at places before seeming to go off in a daze when she touched them. After a around ten minutes or so of this she finally stopped in front of a building. She gave it a good look over before placing a hand on the door.]

This is what we want. They offer free meals to travelers and I believe we qualify as such.

[She gave Luke a big smile before pushing the door open to enter.]
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[Aslan Frings has taken Anise's words to heart. Seeing as the town lacks a security force of any kind, it's become something of a mission for him to patrol the area throughout the day and make sure that nothing is terribly amiss.]

[It's during one of such patrols that he spots the town's newest visitor, and he offers a polite smile as he comes to a stop a few feet away. This man seems familiar, if a little different than he remembers.]

Master Luke? It's good to see you again.