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Luke fon Fabre ([personal profile] endofjourney) wrote in [community profile] abyssdressing2013-05-30 07:29 pm

Final chapter with a twist?

[He is unsure of just how he got into this predicament. Where exactly is here? His eyes are narrowed as he gazes at the small buildings, shops, and houses. They seemed to be occupied, however quiet the town may be. A hand rests on his hip as he ponders the thought of going any further. There is no telling how peaceful the residents are, considering he knows nothing about this place. A sigh escapes his lips. There is only one way to find out, right? Considering the foes he has defeated and the tasks he has completed up to this point, he has a faintest idea that he could take any... hostilities this town has to throw at him. Be them big or small.

He is then brought back to the thoughts of what led to his return to a certain field on a certain starry night. The final battle... then the creation of who he is, now. When he and Asch finally merged... He finally became the real Luke fon Fabre. It was not, however, that the replica had taken in Asch. Oh no. The original Luke fon Fabre took in the replica. So, in a sense, the final product was nothing more than "Asch" with both he and replica Luke's feelings and memories. The most strange part was that Luke's memories and feelings were the ones that stood out more. After all, this final product called himself "Luke". Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Asch had been dead when the two of them merged? It would make more sense that way.

Luke unfortunately has no idea why things are the way they are. He just... is, in the way that things just... are.

Another sigh escapes his lips. He may as well just go on in, right?

With that, he begins walking into the town. Once inside, he smiles. This place is definitely odd, with a sense that there is something dangerous lurking nearby. Other than that, though, it is a bit peaceful.

Heh, guess I should find out who lives here...


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