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I'M BAAAAAACK does anyone even remember me it's okay if you don't

[ Another redhead for your torturing pleasure. Luke just... appeared face-down on the ground outside. He was unconscious, battered, and dirty with torn clothes. It seemed like he'd just been in a huge fight and lost. His left hand was still on top of a gun, a sawn-off shotgun that looked like something Kimlasca might have used in their armies. His clothes were different, black clothing with a white coat around him, much more rugged travel clothing. Though at the moment, they were torn almost beyond recognition. ]

[ Was that a small, red, feathered wing poking through a torn slit in the back? ... Maybe you can kick Luke awake. ]

[[ OOC: So uh, I used to roleplay on the LJ ADR, but it's been a while. I hope I can still play redheads decently. This one's an AU!Luke from the Wild ARMs 3 universe. Don't worry if you don't know the game -- hardly anyone does. Basically, he uses a gun now, though he still has a sword. Guns are just more useful on Filgaia (Wild ARMs 3 world).

EDIT: I am horribly late with tags. I'm sorry. When I do get the chance to tag, though, I usually tag back right away. Just warning you. ]]
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IDK who're you? Buuuut...have another AU?

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[Over the past months, Asch has resigned himself to the fact that no one else from his own world is coming here. He's grown to expect deviations and people who look like those he knows and yet somehow aren't, and he's even getting along all right so long as he plays his cards carefully enough. Still, practically tripping over Luke - any Luke - is not something he can just turn and march away from. Especially not one who's in such pitiful condition.]

[Asch kneels, setting his cane aside, and checks the unconscious replica's pulse. Alive. ...Fine then. If he's trying eat dirt and die, it's not going to happen.]

[Rather unceremoniously, Luke will find himself being dragged up by the shoulders enough so that he's not smothering himself and given a firm shake.]

Hey! This is no time to be laying around!
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Oh yes, you've tagged me with him before! I'm Cherry.

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((OOC: ...And I've played a bunch of people. But I was playing claim_my_place at the time. So...hi!))

[Asch doesn't look at all sympathetic. In fact:]

...I have half a mind to shove you back in the dirt.

[Because some idiot is laughing at him, and any fleeting concern he was experiencing before is quickly drying up. When Luke's finished, he may notice that Asch isn't wearing his usual Oracle Knights uniform at all, but a formal black outfit with intricate piping and more gold buttons than is practical.]

What thing? [Despite his threat, Asch is still propping him up. Call it charity.] It obviously knocked a few screws loose.
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Wait............am I supposed to remember you from somewhere else too?

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((OOC: If so, I'm so sorry. My memory is terrible! OTL))

[Better, but still irritating.]

The only thing you're imagining is that I'm going to keep holding you up like this. Either figure out how to stay on your own two feet or sit down.

[Because if Luke passes out again, he's calling Jade, pure and simple. And who knows what sorts of needles and syringes old four-eyes will bring with him. But that's unusual - why would Luke have been fighting a monster by himself? Normally he'd take one of his friends with him. What's more familiar, however, is the reaction to Asch's clothing. He gets all sorts of variations on that one, and he's starting to think that maybe he should reconsider his wardrobe so that he isn't a walking beacon.]

It isn't a dream, but it's not what you think, either. And I can't say for sure whether or not you're being delusional. You should get yourself looked at.

[All right, that's enough of that. Pull yourself together, you idiot.]
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HI LUKE. HAVE A LUKE. Not an AU, but that's what will make this ~fun~. :D

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[Two week into this place and Luke is starting to get used to its strange happenings. Two Anises. A Fon Master Sync. Asch... who is supposed to not be alive. And a weird older version of himself. So many odd things packed into one small town. What else could the town possibly throw at them?

He thought this too soon, apparently.

Falling face forward into dirt is never a good feeling. It sort of hurts, honestly. A muffled "ow..." manages to come out, before he begins standing.

The (now slightly annoyed) noble dusts himself off, glances back at whatever tripped him, then goes back to dusting himse... wait for it.

Woah, what the hell?!

[He kneels down next to the body and immediately rolls them over. Wait. Rolls... himself... over?

Nothing this town threw at him, before, could have ever prepared him for this absolutely strange moment. Luke is now staring at his own face. Is the other him at least alive, though...? He checks for breathing, sighs out of relief. The red head decides to try his hand at waking the other Luke up. First, he pokes the other in the cheek. Unfortunately, this does not work. Another deep breath escapes his lips. Alright, maybe it would require a little more... So...


There, have a nice not too hard punch to the face, unconscious Luke.
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((OOC: Wow, I somehow forgot to log out of the other Luke's journal. XD))

[Luke gives the other him an exasperated stare and watches him flop back down. This is definitely one of the most interesting moments of his time here-actually, of his life period. He stands and folds his arms over his chest. Maybe he is going crazy? No... You cannot touch something imagined, can you?

Maybe this Luke is a replica, then. Anyway, who cares about the details right now... No matter how this Luke came to be, he is here. Alive. So, this Luke might as well help... himself, out.

Trust me, you're gonna wish that's all this is. I'm as real as you are, though.

[The noble pauses a moment, scratches the side of his head a bit, then reaches down.]

Come on, you look terrible. You seriously need to clean up.


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Yeah... Scary thought. |D;;;

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Let's make it even MORE confusing...

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[He appears to be deep in thought as he wonders through the, momentarily empty, streets. This particular Luke has had a lot of trouble adjusting, honestly. Maybe it is the fact that he is still stuck on finding Tear and keeping his promise. Maybe it is the fact that he has not been here very long (3 days is not long, at all).

Either way, his mind is working overtime and his attention never seems to be focused entirely on what is happening around him. Until now. The twenty-year-old stops immediately in his steps, when he notices the person laying on the ground. A look of concern appears on his face and he rushes to their aid-assuming they actually need help and not funeral.

After rolling the person over, Luke's mind sort of goes on pause. This is a trick by the town, right? Well, considering the people he has met... Maybe this is just another version of himself. That must be it. He sighs and stands, thinking for a moment. The younger version of himself seems to be pretty hurt and he is apparently knocked out completely. Kneeling down, he pulls a Life Bottle out of his pocket and begins pouring its contents down the unconscious boy's throat.

With that, the other red head steps back and waits.
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This makes me want to bring in a Guy muse... I have 2 Lukes and no other character. XD;

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[He sighs in relief when the younger him manages to stand. He immediately prepars himself for the possible reactions to come. The one that comes, is the one this Luke imagined happening the most. The older red head gives him an understanding smile and nods.]

Yeah, unfortunately this is actually happening... I felt the same way when I woke up, here. [He decides to get the other him's mind off of the craziness of the situation, adverting the conversation to himself. There is also the fact that he wants to know... exactly where this version of himself is from.]

You're hurt pretty badly. What happened?

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[ New Luke? Typical. New bruised and beaten Luke? Strange enough that Asch ditches the lumber he'd procured to make home repairs and hurries to his side. While Asch isn't so crude as to manhandle the unconscious replica himself, he does kick Luke's gun out of reach as a precaution. Getting shot isn't high on his to-do list. ]

[ A quick search yields no other weapons on Luke, so Asch sets himself to checking the idiot for serious injuries. Scratches and scrapes can wait until he's hauled Luke home. Because he already knows that's how this will play out. Unless Luke here had his brains scrambled like a certain other twit who frequents his place, he won't decide to just wander off once awake. He hopes. One unpredictable replica is already one too many. ]

[ Confident Luke won't be harmed further by being relocated, Asch doesn't bother to try waking him and simply hefts the bloody lump onto a shoulder with a snort. This time he can say with honesty that Luke is dead weight. Close to dead, anyway. ]
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[ The mutterings are largely disregarded by Asch as delirious rambles borne from Luke's guilt; even he can't imagine his replica would be foolish enough to repeat mistakes of that scale. As he steps over the discarded gun, Asch eyes it with a hint of distaste. Were it anyone else's possession he'd be content to leave it lying there in the dirt. But it's Luke's. Or at least in Luke's care and that counts for the same. ]

...tch. You'd better appreciate this.

[ Great. Now he's talking to himself. Scowl in full force, Asch stoops to retrieve the weapon, tightening his grip on his 'captive' for better balance. If Luke was going to make him haul his sorry ass around, he should stay unconscious for the duration. Less hassle for them both. ]


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[He is walking down the street looking for Luke and anyone he might recognize, when he gets the hunch that he should explore an area that seems almost secluded. The trees are arranged in a way that makes it difficult to see beyond them. When he is finally within the sort of hidden area, he notices the person laying face-down in the dirt. His eyes land more on the red hair, than anything else. As a result, there is a nervous clench of his stomach. He wastes no time to run over there.]

Hey!!! [He hopes the shout will be enough to wake him/her, because they usually means the person is not injured too badly.]

Hey, you! Are you ok? [One more attempt, just in case.

He is even more worried at the fact that the person does not stir, but he refuses to give up hope, here. He kneels down next to the person and gently rolls them over. The clenching from before is nothing compared to the way his insides twist... at the sight of all the blood and injuries.

And the fact that it is Luke. His teeth clench together out of pure concern and fear for his friend. Though, there is a tiny bit of curiosity at the non-Luke features... but he will worry about all of that, some other time.
] Hey, Luke!!! Luke! Can you hear me? Wake up! [He is very gently shaking his friend as he calls out to him. He sighs out of frustration, then realizes something: he has an Apple Gel in his pocket!

With that realization, he quickly pulls one out and carefully puts it in the younger man's mouth.
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Aw, it's ok. The adorable post makes up for it. c:

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[Mother hen could almost be an understatement...

Blue eyes light up at the response, followed by an exhale of relief. He gives an encouraging smile to the replica, which is quickly replaced by slight surprise at the tears and hug. He cannot help but to smile, though, his own arm wrapping partially around the smaller man. Guy then laughs lightly, easing Luke back to a normal sitting position and his hand resting on the red head's shoulder the entire time (largely because he is worried he will fall over, unconscious).

T-take it easy... Those injuries need to heal. Too many sudden movements could make them worse... [He seriously does not want Luke passing out, again. As his thoughts progress, the expression on his face slowly slips to an even more serious one. Luke was clearly in a serious battle. Guy has never seen Luke covered in injuries quite like this, though. Whatever... or whoever attacked his best friend was obviously strong.]

What happened to you? And what's... with the wing on your back? [Luke's wings actually spark another theory in Guy's mind on how this town works. Luke is obviously not from the same time (or... place...?) as he is. He plans on addressing the strange weapon, next.]
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He is... ;^;

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[There is a naturally protective urge that pops into Guy whenever he sees Luke hurting in any way and so he nearly ran off to Luke's side. The sawed off gun briefly caught his eyes like a shiny catches a kender's tender gaze however he dismisses that as quite simply not important.

Because it isn't. What was important for Guy was always tantamount Luke's safetly and it reigned supreme.

Infinitely gentle, he touches Luke's back, straying from the curiousity of the torn slit in the back, because he doesn't know if that area is vitally wounded]


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Re: I am SO sorry for being late, but these last two weeks have been crazy.

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[ Luke was kneeling down next to Luke, or perhaps it was just the notion of Luke, and in all honesty Guy wasn't sure but he'd lend his assistance as it was the right thing to do. Off came the sash at his waist and then he started to wrap it around the worst of the cuts near the shoulder where the wing was peeking out, and he was trying to staunch any sort of bleeding even if it was minor.]

I suppose that there is no help for it.

[ Guy slipped his arms underneath Luke and if there was no further response, he would scoop Luke up and carry him at the least some place safe where he could get those cuts attended to.

Though his eyes strayed back to the gun and he wondered if he should pick that up as well, and how he would do it with his arms full of Luke.]

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