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I'M BAAAAAACK does anyone even remember me it's okay if you don't

[ Another redhead for your torturing pleasure. Luke just... appeared face-down on the ground outside. He was unconscious, battered, and dirty with torn clothes. It seemed like he'd just been in a huge fight and lost. His left hand was still on top of a gun, a sawn-off shotgun that looked like something Kimlasca might have used in their armies. His clothes were different, black clothing with a white coat around him, much more rugged travel clothing. Though at the moment, they were torn almost beyond recognition. ]

[ Was that a small, red, feathered wing poking through a torn slit in the back? ... Maybe you can kick Luke awake. ]

[[ OOC: So uh, I used to roleplay on the LJ ADR, but it's been a while. I hope I can still play redheads decently. This one's an AU!Luke from the Wild ARMs 3 universe. Don't worry if you don't know the game -- hardly anyone does. Basically, he uses a gun now, though he still has a sword. Guns are just more useful on Filgaia (Wild ARMs 3 world).

EDIT: I am horribly late with tags. I'm sorry. When I do get the chance to tag, though, I usually tag back right away. Just warning you. ]]

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