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[Fifth Proclamation] Make afternoon teatime mandatory.

[It's his day off. Asch is perched in a wicker chair on the front porch of a certain cozy little house belonging to a certain infuriatingly loose-lipped tenant. Asch stares out across the street at one of the town's gardens, a saucer balanced in one hand and a teacup lightly captured in the other. It's about as close to contentment as Kimlasca's monarch ever gets around here, and Lorelei help anyone who breaks this fragile moment of calm.]

[If anyone should be stupid - or confident - enough to approach, he'll mutter under his breath and turn an eye sharply in their direction.]

I'm not taking any audiences today.

[So get lost, or he might be inclined to beat you over the head with his cane.]
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Too bad this is my porch, huh?

[Anise frowned as she closed the front door with her foot. A metal tray with a matching teapot and cup were carried out with her. Setting it carefully down, the young woman poured some tea into the cup before looking over at the monarch.]

Would you like me to top off your tea~?
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Oh? Who did you think I was?

[The young woman took his silence on her offer as a no, giving her a chance to get settled in her own chair. Picking up her cup, a soft smile appeared on her lips before she took a sip. Perhaps he may even catch a soft, wistful sigh from her.]
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Can you actually give those out? I think I have a favor or five in mind to pass the time~♪

[She's only mentioned you to like, two people! One was Sync who was a Fon Master and the other one was yourself.]

I'm sure one of the little ones have started a great houses tour and put all of the hottest Aldrant celebrities on it~ Soon there will be a gaggle of Lukes and Natalias following around a young Anise, stopping in front of my house to give a speech on when you arrived and what you do in life~

[In other words Asch, Anise means to say get over yourself lovingly.]
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dey haz der teef out 2dah

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What a giving King~ Perhaps if there is some way to advertise this you might gang a group of loyal followers~

[The small clattering caught her attention, she casts a worried look in his direction along with a raised brow.]

I'd like to kindly remind you that though I may be loyal, I am not your bitch. In addition I'd like to say security is just fine inside of my house.

[She'll take a moment to take a sip of her tea to calm herself a bit.]
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[She'll just just...let everything else slide and zone in on Luke.]

No, you hardly tell me about your days. Tell me what happened with the Lukes you encountered.
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[Anise tried to hide the small snrk that came from her behind a hand. Of course the moment he described both encounters she imagined it quite perfectly in her head. Asch's almost perpetual irritated look with the other, Luke looking up at Asch with big, round, green eye as they look for approval...Whoops she made herself sad.

She sobered up quickly, straightening up in her chair.

That's a bit of a predicament because that tells me that you're looking for your Luke. Which is completely fine mind you, but we don't know when or even if he'll come...Most of the Lukes around here are usually from within the time range of our journey...Or from another universe completely...from what I can tell anyway.
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[Should have let her top off your tea.]

Of course they do, usually they're a little shocked once they recognize me. But after they realize how things are a bit odd, me being older isn't in the top priorities of problems. That, and generally I at least act nice so I'm easier to get use to.

[Hint Asch...hint.]

But being how you're...well you...I don't blame Luke for being shocked in the least...I can't say I wasn't when I saw people I haven't in years looking as if they stepped right out of my memories...
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[He may not be taking any audiences, but this particular person may spark some curiosity out of the angry, cane-wielding, son of Duke Fabre. He is walking down the street, sword at his side, green eyes scanning the area. He hears a familiar voice, which results in an immediate half of his steps.

When he discovers the source of the voice, an odd expression instantly clouds his face. It is pretty much unreadable, his thoughts consisting of much confusion and sadness all at once. He is quietly studying the original Luke fon Fabre, for the moment. His face is a perfect blend of Asch and Luke's, his hair is a steady color, instead of the darker or lighter at the tip, and he has a rather mature air around him.
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[Luke pauses a moment, before slowly approaching Asch. He appears to be contemplating something. The final form glances down a moment, now standing a couple of feet from the edge of the porch. Looking back up, his green hues land on the first Luke fon Fabre. He then folds his arms over his chest and finally speaks for the first time. He has a voice similar to the replica, only slightly deeper.]

Odd... even knowing how this town works, it doesn't quite prepare you for a moment like this. [He almost looks sad-which could have to do with him having mostly the replica's memories within him. His eyes then fall on the cane for a moment, then back to Asch's face.]

What happened to your leg?
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I apologize for the long wait;;;

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I see. [There is a quick "heh", before he continues.] That does sound very much like Jade...

[He pauses, with the hint of a smile. Resting a hand on his hip, he glances to the side and allows that hint to slowly fade. He is actually pretty fascinated by the fact that Asch sounds... different, than he used to. Not quite like what he remembers. This spawns his next question.]

How long have you been here?

[Looking back to his fellow red head, he waits calmly for the answer.]
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I am fairly certain you will speak with me, Your Majesty.

[This Asch didn't have much care for if he was intruding on a nice moment or not. He had business to do, and had to get to bottom of it; which led him here. He knew if he shadowed Anise he'd meet this King Asch. The only problem had been how long it had taken since the Puppeteer wasn't a push over, and the adult version was paranoid enough that he had been forced to give up a couple of times lest he be caught.]
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[Likewise for the younger redhead, it was strange. Rather like looking through a mirror of time and seeing a possibility that was both in reach and as if trying to grasp water.

Making the right assumption about formalities, the King's question had Asch pause for a beat while he searched for the right way to phrase his desires. As for a weapon? He had indeed found a Maestro sword and it lodged firmly in the scabbard at his side, but he made no move to use it, yet. He would save force for if his words didn't do the job.

Two things. I want in on this grand endeavor to go back to Auldrant.

I also want to know how you lived.
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[Asch's already sour expression soured further. He didn't want to deal with Jade.

Likely, that meeting he would push off until later.

Why not? You lived.

[There was an obvious but very restrained desperation here. He died, apparently in every case except for the King. He alone had lived and prospered, why couldn't he?]