bloodreign: Please do not take! (reflections on stained glass)
Asch of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear ([personal profile] bloodreign) wrote in [community profile] abyssdressing2013-06-11 05:17 pm

[Fifth Proclamation] Make afternoon teatime mandatory.

[It's his day off. Asch is perched in a wicker chair on the front porch of a certain cozy little house belonging to a certain infuriatingly loose-lipped tenant. Asch stares out across the street at one of the town's gardens, a saucer balanced in one hand and a teacup lightly captured in the other. It's about as close to contentment as Kimlasca's monarch ever gets around here, and Lorelei help anyone who breaks this fragile moment of calm.]

[If anyone should be stupid - or confident - enough to approach, he'll mutter under his breath and turn an eye sharply in their direction.]

I'm not taking any audiences today.

[So get lost, or he might be inclined to beat you over the head with his cane.]

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