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/knocks off dust.

Again? [Asch clucks his tongue in annoyance. The front half of the Maestro Sword swings pathetically from a break that's been tacked together with some kind of hot pink glittery tape. It's a sorry sight, but it's all he has.]

[Well, no, it's not everything. Aside from the sword there are bits and snatches of memories and knowledge from all over the so-called multiverse: faces, names, and one girl's unyielding optimism. Just when he thought he'd finally managed to fade into obscurity, here he is. Dragged off to somewhere else.]

[Asch raises his free hand to his forehead as he tries to place the architecture, making his way slowly towards the center of town. Isn't this that world that has some sort of love affair with Auldrant? Is that why he's here? Or is it a similar one with some unpleasant surprise waiting for him?]

...It's too quiet. Don't tell me the population shriveled up and died. [Where are Anise and Jade? Or Luke even? This town used to be crawling with copies of his replica...]

[And more clearly, as if he's speaking directly to someone:] What, did you run out of idiots to shelter or something?
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//Helps dust off

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[Cue Anise who was minding her own business until Asch decided to speak up and talk to no one in particular. She also may or may not be giving him an odd look because of this action.]

Who are you even talking to Asch?
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[His question caused for her to form a frown of her own. That was a good question, particularly since it felt like fewer where sticking around. Something that made her sad and wonder if perhaps they were coming across something she just hadn't been able to yet.]

Colonel is around here somewhere along with Noir, and maybe Sync? I haven't really been keeping up with everyone very well...

Speaking of, where have you been? It's been a while.
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[She looked vaguely guilty of being caught, eyes glancing off to the side.]

I've been here and there. Go to sleep in one bed to find me at home when I wake up.

[Or elsewhere, she didn't like the elsewhere times. They were as bad as trying to figure this place out...whatever it even was.]

[She then waved her hand dismissively]

What do you plan to do now that you're here?
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Well, given there's one left; might I offer you a place to stay?

[Asch wasn't wrong in it being too quiet; it was a terribly silent vigil that Jade kept on this place. Anise of course was always the first to greet a face if one should ever show up, while Jade was as always a bit more guarded and cautious. His own attempts to leave he noted were often 'blocked' by the anomaly of 'him' already being there, somehow. It was an interesting but ultimately frustrating endeavor, and the Colonel had just about written himself off as a permanent resident of this place...or back on Auldrant.]

Still, I'm glad to see you in respectable health. The pink is a nice touch.