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Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 11:04 pm
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[Luke was just going about his usual morning routine; wake up, peal Amnon off his face (seriously, how did the cheagle always end up clinging to his head in his sleep?), shuffle downstairs for breakfast/lunch, and... somehow someone had replaced the cafeteria with something else. It took him a moment to realize that he had to be on the wrong floor, that in his fog of sleep. He grumbled in irritation, turning around to go back up the staircase, only...]

[ stairs.]

[Luke came awake pretty quickly at that, slowly looking around at this strange little place he ended up in. There was only one response that could come to mind:]

...what the hell?

[[ooc: Luke fon Fabre from Tower of Animus, throwing up a little ADR loving. Enjoy. :3]]
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((OOC: Putting this first so it makes sense. Jade is meeting Guy after planning with Asch here and here. We don't have a specific Guy per say so if you want to step up feel free, more than one would be fabulous actually, and also just because Jade is on his way to meet someone, feel free to hold him up~ The two are also looking for fonists so if you want to be a part of that too, feel free, this can be largely hand-waved, and this post is just for if someone did want to play part of it out.))

[It was early in the day, and Jade was already up and moving quickly along. The eventual goal was the inn, but Jade had also needed to take care of his shopping, stop by the cafe for some food, and of course study more at the library, so it was quite clear he wasn't making the inn first priority, especially since there were so many people to talk to. He'd been thinking hard on the prototype schematics for the fontech he had found and was fairly sure the design was solid enough to keep anyone from dying via fonon-separation. While it was amusing to play with Asch on it seeming risky, this was serious business because he was not interested in sacrificing people for any reason.

At the end of the day though, Jade did have a contingency plan in case things went awry, and it was something he hadn't even discussed with Anise because he knew it wouldn't be well-received.
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[Well, this wasn't what she was expecting when she attempted to go to her room back in Yulia City before the final confrontation with her brother. She was pretty sure that that wasn't even Aldurant.]

Excuse me. I seem to have ended up somewhere rather abrupt. Is there someone here that could help me?

[Really, anyone would be nice at this point, as looking around she recognizes nothing.]

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Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 02:45 pm
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[Hey look, it's a new redhead. Not an especially unique one, compared to his many counterparts, but at least it's easy to tell he's never been here before. Suddenly transporting one from a mountain path to the edge of a town isn't a nice thing to do without warning.]

What the hell just happened? Where did everyone go? Tear, Guy...Anise?

[Okay, so he's been kind of a jerk to his party, but he wasn't expecting them to leave.]

This isn't funny guys, you can't just abandon me!

[No response. He huffs, scowling, then stomps off to go find answers.]

[OoC: AU!Luke, some details are in his profile. I'm still working out the finer AU details, though. Replies might also come from his extra icon account, [personal profile] homofon]
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[The warmer weather means the ground has begun to thaw. Here and there, if a person were to stop and look, are signs of spring. A snatch of color here, a hint of life there. So it is that a particular mound of dirt is nudged and overturned by someone's over-polished boot.]

[Asch stares down at the small green shoot for a moment. He doesn't know what kind of plant it is, doesn't really care all that much either, but he guesses it deserves a chance. Besides, if it's springtime already, that means he's been stuck here for way too long.]

Humph... At this rate I really will need a cane.

[The redhead straightens, takes a step back onto the path to head further into town... And that's when it happens. Asch wobbles on his feet, one hand shooting towards the ache in his skull, the other groping for a stationary object to catch his balance on.]

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 02:08 pm
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[Anise stopped questioning how and why she kept finding her way back to this place a while ago. All she knew was that it was weird here, because there were always way too many of the same person walking around. Oh, well. That just meant more Guy's to hug, Colonels to hang around with, Asch's to bother and, most importantly, Ion's to protect!]

[Today, though, she finds an old sign that brings back a few fuzzy memories. She grins. Time to have some fun.]

~tips appreciated~

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Thursday, February 21st, 2013 10:38 pm
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[Oh hey there; guess who decided to show up after so long?]

[There's a certain Luke hanging out in the boughs of a tree, a strange looking bone mask on his face that's in the shape of a G-clef. He's wearing an entirely white outfit with black piping that looks like a cross between his usual outfit and a mad scientist's lab coat. The white isn't as pristine as it normally is, as there are flecks of blood everywhere... probably from the... hand... he's munching on...]

[...don't worry, it doesn't belong to anyone here.]

[As if that weren't enough, he's not actually sitting on a tree branch, though it might look that way at first depending on your vantage point. He's just... floating there, idly munching away on a half chewed finger on his meal.]

...Mm. Curious. I did not believe myself capable of appearing here again.


Monday, February 18th, 2013 03:23 pm
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[Guy has nothing against women. Really! He likes them just fine! It's when they get too close. When they appear out of nowhere and try to corner him - well. You can understand why he'd get a little anxious. "A little" referring to clammy palms, tremors, and difficulty catching his breath.]

[So when a foreign tradition known as Valentine's Day was cheerfully bestowed upon the populace, Guy's survival instincts went into overdrive. It's not that he wants to upset them... It just seems better to keep a low profile until this all boils over. After all, wouldn't it be even more hurtful to cower away from their well-meaning offerings of chocolate than to simply not be around? It's still pathetic, he knows, but there's just no helping it.]

[His plan might have worked out all right, too. Except that a guy's still got to eat. Which is why he happens to be crab-walking along a wall, attempting to stay out of sight from an energetic group of maids while simultaneously trying not to drop his groceries.]
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[As it turns out, the town isn't a hallucination or a dream. No amount of puzzling over facts has yielded any useful results. Thus, Asch of Kimlasca Lanvaldear has had no choice but to temporarily assimilate with this place, busy himself, and try to forget about stuffy dinner parties and indignant wives.]

[Lorelei knows he needs it. Sitting and contemplating everything he's left behind would be far too easy to do. Far, far too easy. Damn it...]

[So maybe you're hungry. It might be you're stopping by for a hot chocolate or a bowl of soup to take home and help you thaw. If you happen across the proper business at the appropriate time, you're likely to find Asch stalking solemnly towards your table, his hand poised over a notepad and his hair pulled back out of his face. He might even look like a king...if he wasn't stuffed in a waiter's uniform.]

What do you want?
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[Those awake at an early hour may notice something out of place. That something is a certain teenager, likely recognizable to many as one Luke fon Fabre, sprawled out in the middle of the street. It's not hard to tell one thing that's different about this Luke -- stretched out as she is, there's no mistaking the femininity of her body, even with her hair almost hiding her face. Somehow, despite her uncomfortable position (as if the hard surface wasn't enough, her right arm is pressed between her side and the ground), she looks to be fast asleep.]

[As the sun comes out, however, she begins to come to her senses. She stretches, or tries to, wincing with a pained whine as her arm scrapes against the ground; a moment later, her attention suddenly brought to her surroundings, she scrambles into a sitting position and then onto her feet.] Wha... Tear? [The name is mumbled as she looks frantically around her, tensed as if in preparation for a fight, although she hasn't thought to put her hand to her sword.] Tear... Tear! [She takes a few steps but stops, having no idea where to go or where she'd be coming from, stops stiffly.] Tear? ...Anise? Anise? [With each lack of response, she seems to grow more unnerved; her hands ball into fists, arms clutched tight to her side.] Ion? ...Jade? Dammit... Tear, where are you? [She curls in on herself a little more, though her eyes are still glancing around frantically, looking for someone she knows.] Where the hell is... this... [That last word fades on her tongue as her eyes lower to the ground, face scrunching in misery.]

[She stands there that way for a while, occasionally mumbling some thought that doesn't quite make it to real audibility.] You... You said you'd take me home... You can't just... Dammit... [And that's likely how you'll find her: hunched over in the morning sunlight, jumping at every noise and staring at the ground otherwise. No one told her anything like this could happen. Hasn't she been through enough already?]


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