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Welcome, inhabitants and visitors! Whether you are familiar with this land or just getting acquainted, your friendly neighborhood nexus might give off the impression of having shifted recently. Fallen limbs here, a few tipped chairs there. Nothing to worry about!

And why should you fret when there's a party going on? The sudden appearance of streamers and balloons and buffet tables loaded down with delectable goodies might be a touch disconcerting for some, but there they are! Just waiting for you to dig in and have a good time! There can't be any harm in kicking back to relax for a while, right?


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Thursday, August 18th, 2011 09:12 am
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[OOC: Continuation from here. If this isn't okay, let me know and I'll take it down. |Db]

[Asch smirks again, the corners of his lips pulling up in amusement. Why was it so terribly fun to tease Natalia? She was cute when she was all huffy like this. He moves away from her after giving her a brief and affectionate little squeeze, going to inspect what she was working on out of curiosity.]

You're not the only one...I have to sleep with you. [But, before she gets too upset (gotta love mood swings)--] I guess I should be glad you're still you.

-- 002

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 08:48 pm
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[G'day, brethren! Today is a lovely day to die, isn't it? ...No? Well, that's too bad. Because, just deposited into this here nice little nexus is one (1) Asch the Bloody, who has three (3) swords sticking out of his body, all in different spots. As he wobbles unceremoniously on his feet, blood already staining his clothes and forming a thin trail down his chin from his lips, his hands lock onto the sword sticking out of his chest. He intends to pull it out.

...This may be a pretty bad idea. Someone stop him, please?

Regardless, Asch needs a healer, and fast. He's forming a decent sized puddle of red around himself in the snow, and finally can't stay standing any longer. He falls, thankfully, on his side, and doesn't move for a minute. Call it stubbornness, or a good and strong will, but Asch will try to push himself up again, eyes only seeing the world around him in a swirling mess of colors. He has no idea he's no longer in Eldrant.

The only thing he can hear is a loud throbbing in his ears, and the familiar humming sound of his and Luke's fonic link. He'd opened it prior to being stabbed. Damn it...he really messed up, didn't he? What a stupid move to make... Well, it wasn't like he was going to make it that much longer anyway.

Sorry he couldn't keep that promise, dreck. Asch never was good with those.]

[OOC: Hi, everyone. Asch here's just moving up in canon to semi-post!Eldrant/death. He'll still remember this place once he's fully healed and comes to, by the way! And he'll remember his CR, as well. Just...don't expect him to stay conscious for very long, even if he's healed. He may slip in and out of it frequently. He's a stubborn one.

Also, I fully endorse threadjacking here. :|b]
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[It's been a while since you've seen this derp around, hasn't it? And he's been rather upset due to finding out unfortunate information... BUT!]

[That's all going to change for the moment. Somehow, Luke has found his way from his separate cot into the bed that [ profile] ashen_knight was sleeping in. No, not sleepwalking. And he's wearing a rather lovely outfit, complete with chest padding. He's just waking up and sitting up to stretch. Aah, that was a good sleep. ...]

[... Luke just stared down at the dress and screamed. WHO THE HELL DID THIS?! Thankfully, he didn't see who he was now handcuffed to. ... Yet, that is.]

[Happy Halloween, guys. 8Db]

[[OOC: You get to tag either Fonic or Ashen or both! 8Db And... encounter them outside the inn or something, because their inn room is locked, obv.]]

- 001

Thursday, September 16th, 2010 02:45 pm
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[He's been here for too long. No, he's been stuck here too long with no way of getting home. None that he knew of, at least. And he'd tried looking for information in too many places. Nothing helped.

Asch was exhausted. He had kept himself in top form with some sword, fonic arte, and even hyperresonance training. He didn't want to fall behind in case he sudden;y did return home somehow. There was no room for error now. He'd been leaving for Eldrant before ending up here, so Asch couldn't afford to be weak.

The sun was setting over a large field outside the village where he had been training. Large scorch marks littered some parts where he used Explosion and Thunder Blade, and there were some definite holes punched into the boulders around, but Asch himself was watching the sun set over the horizon peacefully. The wind swept as his face gently, making his hair and bangs sway. He liked places like this - big, wide, open, quiet. A place where he could really think.

And relax.

His sword was right beside him, dug into the ground, but Asch's eyes were on the rolling clouds painted in beautiful colors across the sky. Most of them were reds, yellow, and oranges, but some purple and blue tinted the darker parts. It was...really nice. He hadn't ever had time to really just sit and relax like this before.

People are welcome to come across the stoic redhead on their way out of or back towards the village. Hell, he might not even glare at you that much. Unless you're Luke.]


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