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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 11:59 pm
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[[In the library, Guy's looking for a bestiary on monsters. If he trains, he can level up learn how to fight. But he doesn't want to get eaten or killed, so he's trying to go find out which monsters are weak enough.]]


[[He can't find that book. Anyone want to help him get it?]]
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Well... if anyone's wondering what they're like in my world, you can see here. I made a list for you all.

[[Luke fon Fabre = Guy's best friend. Has a secret bromance with Guy. Best friend.
Tear Grants = Head of choir, drama queen, was prom queen last year. Friend.
Jade Curtiss = Professor. General Sciences, Biology, and Chemistry.
Anise Tatlin = Annoying Grade Nine girl who manages to get her friends to pay for her lunch. Follows Guy around sometimes.
Guy Cecil = ...Me?
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear = Hall monitor extraordinare.
Fon Master Ion = The fun-loving twin. Nicknamed Ion 2.
Original Ion = The smart twin. Nicknamed Ion 1.
Mieu = Not real. A fire-breathing doll that Guy built.
Van Grants = Douchebag principal. Always tries to get Luke and Guy expelled, but he has no proof.
Asch the Bloody = Kind of a douche. Guy and Luke usually end up pranking him.
Legretta the Quick = Professor. Teaches Drama and English.
Arietta the Wild = Professor. Guy's favourite, she teaches Spanish and French.
Dist the Rose = Professor. Biology, and Physics.
Sync the Tempest = Professor. Mathematics and Music.
Largo the Black Lion = Professor. Gym and Health/Nutrition. Guy has a massive crush on him. More than anyone he knows.
King Inobert = Superintendant of the school.
Duke Fabre = Luke's Uncle.
Susanne = Luke's Mom.
Emperor Peony = Professor. Teaches Home Economics, fashion/design, and hairdressing
Nephry Osborne = Professor. Occasional subsitute.
Grand Maestro Mohs = Head of the Parent committee. Douchebag. Parent of Ion, Ion, and Ian.
Pamela and Oliver Tatlin = Anise's parents. In debt.
Florian = Other hallmonitor. Friends with Guy, Guy calls him Ian.
Gelda Nebilim = Professor. General Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics.

[[He stands proudly, looking back at his work. Care to comment?]]

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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 05:33 pm
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I wonder... since I've met most of the people here, and they have their counterparts back home... maybe some of them do know things they'd know in my world. And since I'm supposed to stay on top of my schoolwork...


[They all teach different things.
Largo = Gym
Arietta = French and Spanish
Sync = Maths and Music
Legretta = English/Literature and Drama/Dance
Dist = Biology and Physics
Jade = General Sciences and Biology
Neblim = Chemistry and Biology
Peony = Hairdressing and Fashion/Design]

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Huh? Wait a second, where am I? This... doesn't make any sense. I remember doing my homework for the Professor, and I...
Did I pass out? I'm dreaming, right?

{{OOC: Have a teenaged, AU, IRL Guy. He's in highschool, and his BFF is Luke. GO GET 'IM. Also, I'm new. Please don't bite.}}


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