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[Luke had been wandering around Licere, trying to find a place that sold comfortable clothing and batteries for his difference engine (a/n: electronic journal) now that he knew you actually had to hand over currency if you wanted something. What a mess that had been! Geez.

Of course, it didn't look like he was in Licere anymore. No more noisy crowds or hotels, not even that pastry vendor glaring him down. That was sort of okay, since Luke didn't care much for strangers (or the vendor) - especially when he didn't know when they had last bathed. The only thing that bugged him was not knowing which way to go if he wanted to board The Silvana. And he sure wasn't going to search for Master Van on foot. Besides, at least a few of the crew members were decent human beings. He supposed he could tolerate being in their company for a while longer.

He looked around for a while, then paused, scratching the back of his neck.]

Huh. That's weird. Did it happen again?

((OOC: I, uh, hope you guys don't mind yet another Luke. *wince* This one's from The Sky Tides, so he doesn't know a thing about Auldrant - his world's called Reial. Most of the basics are the same, just with some tweaks here and there, and of course some city name changes. He's equivalent to early game Luke. He's also been on an airship for the past month.))


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