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[It's his day off. Asch is perched in a wicker chair on the front porch of a certain cozy little house belonging to a certain infuriatingly loose-lipped tenant. Asch stares out across the street at one of the town's gardens, a saucer balanced in one hand and a teacup lightly captured in the other. It's about as close to contentment as Kimlasca's monarch ever gets around here, and Lorelei help anyone who breaks this fragile moment of calm.]

[If anyone should be stupid - or confident - enough to approach, he'll mutter under his breath and turn an eye sharply in their direction.]

I'm not taking any audiences today.

[So get lost, or he might be inclined to beat you over the head with his cane.]
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[Anyone working the graveyard shift or otherwise skulking about may notice a brief flicker passing across the library windows. That's because this sanctum of knowledge has a late-night visitor who has taken great pains to choose an hour when the vicinity should have been vacated.]

[Inside, Asch tucks his lantern into a recess in the wall to partially contain the puddle of light now draping across multiple shelves and sets to work. He's never been allowed an opportunity to thoroughly research this particular subject before - certainly, it's not something Asch would read in the company of others. But now that he's been afforded some privacy, he sees absolutely no reason to continue putting it off. It's not as if he's ashamed or anything.]

[When he finally locates the section in question, Asch pulls down the first hopeful-looking title he comes across and flips it open. In fact, within a few minutes he has browsed several volumes and moved on to reviewing a list of what appear to be symptoms:]
  • Food Aversion
  • Dizziness & Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Mood Swings
  • Headaches & Back Pain
  • Constipation
  • Missed Menstrual Period

  • [...And so on. The rest of which clearly do not apply to him.]

    [One may also find him asleep at a study table bright and early the next morning. It's clear he dozed off while reading, as a two-page spread currently serves as an unintentional head pillow.]
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    [The warmer weather means the ground has begun to thaw. Here and there, if a person were to stop and look, are signs of spring. A snatch of color here, a hint of life there. So it is that a particular mound of dirt is nudged and overturned by someone's over-polished boot.]

    [Asch stares down at the small green shoot for a moment. He doesn't know what kind of plant it is, doesn't really care all that much either, but he guesses it deserves a chance. Besides, if it's springtime already, that means he's been stuck here for way too long.]

    Humph... At this rate I really will need a cane.

    [The redhead straightens, takes a step back onto the path to head further into town... And that's when it happens. Asch wobbles on his feet, one hand shooting towards the ache in his skull, the other groping for a stationary object to catch his balance on.]
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    [As it turns out, the town isn't a hallucination or a dream. No amount of puzzling over facts has yielded any useful results. Thus, Asch of Kimlasca Lanvaldear has had no choice but to temporarily assimilate with this place, busy himself, and try to forget about stuffy dinner parties and indignant wives.]

    [Lorelei knows he needs it. Sitting and contemplating everything he's left behind would be far too easy to do. Far, far too easy. Damn it...]

    [So maybe you're hungry. It might be you're stopping by for a hot chocolate or a bowl of soup to take home and help you thaw. If you happen across the proper business at the appropriate time, you're likely to find Asch stalking solemnly towards your table, his hand poised over a notepad and his hair pulled back out of his face. He might even look like a king...if he wasn't stuffed in a waiter's uniform.]

    What do you want?
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    [Tap, tap, tap. That's the sound of gloved fingers drumming on the stone surface before him.]

    [Asch had known better, yet for some reason he'd ignored his gut instinct. There must have been something in that wine - drugs, poison, maybe even extracts from those damned Great Rugnican death caps. Whatever the case, he's clearly hallucinating. He was in the throne room just seconds earlier, and now... this! No, he should have just declined attendance, no matter how much of a slight it would have been! But of course, even as Asch runs these things over in his mind, he knows it doesn't matter and he couldn't have skipped the banquet anyhow. Not with the way things have been lately.]

    [He isn't sure why he's here, can't determine what's wrong, and it's absolutely vexing. His head's perfectly clear, he's not running a fever - he can walk in a straight line. Well, whatever - there's no use in standing around mulling over impossibilities. At least a dozen guests are waiting for him, and if he doesn't show up where he's supposed to be very soon, Asch can name a few people who are going to be very upset. The thought of that kills any soothing effect being outside might've otherwise had on him.]

    This has got to be the most pathetic...

    [The most pathetic thing. How does anyone lose a castle?]


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