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Again? [Asch clucks his tongue in annoyance. The front half of the Maestro Sword swings pathetically from a break that's been tacked together with some kind of hot pink glittery tape. It's a sorry sight, but it's all he has.]

[Well, no, it's not everything. Aside from the sword there are bits and snatches of memories and knowledge from all over the so-called multiverse: faces, names, and one girl's unyielding optimism. Just when he thought he'd finally managed to fade into obscurity, here he is. Dragged off to somewhere else.]

[Asch raises his free hand to his forehead as he tries to place the architecture, making his way slowly towards the center of town. Isn't this that world that has some sort of love affair with Auldrant? Is that why he's here? Or is it a similar one with some unpleasant surprise waiting for him?]

...It's too quiet. Don't tell me the population shriveled up and died. [Where are Anise and Jade? Or Luke even? This town used to be crawling with copies of his replica...]

[And more clearly, as if he's speaking directly to someone:] What, did you run out of idiots to shelter or something?


Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 07:55 pm
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[It was about time.]

[No, scratch that. It was long past due, and Asch well knew it. He'd been putting this off for almost a year - or two years, or whatever else people wanted to call it in regards to however they did or didn't decide to keep track of time.]

[The short version was: Asch's hair needed a trim.]

[It wasn't that his hair was dirty or matted or even frizzy, but no matter how much effort went into its maintenance, the strands gradually grew to different lengths, split, and made a nuisance of themselves during training sessions. If things kept up, he'd end up with hair as long as that one female with the paints.]

[And so Asch perched at his balcony opposite the village library, muttering under his breath and examining a collection of ragged ends in the midday light. He could manage the bangs well enough with a pair of scissors in front of the washroom mirror, but the back was a whole different beast. And it wasn't as if he trusted his usual company to cut straight.]

[Asch sighed, turning his attention to the street below. The strangers and the alternates. To think he'd already wasted this much time debating something so trivial.]

[What a pain.]


Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 03:27 pm
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[Once upon a time there was an Asch.]

[No, no that's all wrong. You all know this story, anyway. The rise fall and re-fall of the grumpy redhead who then got dragged along from world to world, believing his whole planet - perhaps his whole timeline - to be utterly destroyed. Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter; that's not the point.]

[What matters is this: on an ordinary and lackluster day in the land of the misplaced Abyssians, this particular Asch happens across a ring. The ring itself he thought he had misplaced and hereafter is likely never to come across again. It's a large ring, gold, with a starburst shape engraved on its face, marked distinctly with a large "L" in the center. He doesn't know the story behind the ring, or even what this "L" represents. All he knows is the ring was given to him for a reason (he guesses) and that it may - perhaps - still work. But how?]

[And so he sits, studying the piece of jewelry held between his thumb and forefinger. It can't be complicated. It probably only takes something stupid and nonsensical to activate it. That'd be just like her.]
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Welcome, inhabitants and visitors! Whether you are familiar with this land or just getting acquainted, your friendly neighborhood nexus might give off the impression of having shifted recently. Fallen limbs here, a few tipped chairs there. Nothing to worry about!

And why should you fret when there's a party going on? The sudden appearance of streamers and balloons and buffet tables loaded down with delectable goodies might be a touch disconcerting for some, but there they are! Just waiting for you to dig in and have a good time! There can't be any harm in kicking back to relax for a while, right?



Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 10:21 pm
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[By now Asch is used to finding himself in weird situations, used to being dragged around by the scruff of the neck according to the whims of the multiverse. But that doesn't mean he likes it any better than he did the first time around. In fact he likes it less because this time no higher being had the decency to wait.]

[Still, the setting is familiar. It's that place - the one they called a sort of "nexus". The one which calls forth variations of Auldrant's population. Annoying, yes, but as good a place as any to continue his project. He might even be able to enlist some help if he plays his cards right.]

[And so it is that he's gone hunting down books. As many as he can find even vaguely related to the topics at hand. You might bump into him thumbing through a hardcover being sold by a street merchant or stretching to pluck an old tome from the top shelf of the library. Chances are pretty good he's either reading or depositing works on top of growing piles of literature. Chances are also pretty good that he doesn't want his focus broken.]


Friday, January 14th, 2011 11:04 am
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[Space!Asch shields his eyes as he squints up at the sky. It's actually very normal as far as skies go, but then the word "normal" has grown obsolete within the past several months. There's nothing hanging above him as far as he can tell. No spaceships, that's for sure.]

[Asch allows himself to sigh and resumes his journey through the marketplace. There's plenty to do, whether or not he can get out of this world. Supplies to purchase, a sword to polish, self-training, mending the edge of his robes. Enough to keep him busy for a good long while. Today it's shopping.]

[Asch pauses in front of a stall, hands reaching out to grasp a particularly unexpected object. His eyes narrow as he studies it, turning it over, and testing its thickness with a gloved knuckle. That object is a fish bowl.]


Saturday, November 27th, 2010 04:51 pm
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[If someone had blinked, they might have missed it. One minute there was nothing out of the ordinary to look at, and by the next a wormhole had dropped Asch in a heap on the ground and tried to consume a bit of the nearby landscape as payment for its services.]

[Asch was still breathing, as a matter of fact, though he seemed a little worse for wear. Being transported from one end of the universe to another tends to do that to a person.]

[[OOC: What do I even call this? "SpaceAdventures!Asch"...? He's gonna retain all his memories from his former game. I still have a month paid left and ughhh...]]


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