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[Really, after what she had seen and heard, nothing should surprise her, anymore.]

[But considering that she had somehow ended up in a warmer climate, alive... There was no way that this was real. But it felt real; every little roll of the breeze, the warmth of the sun on her back...]

[Was this heaven? The only thing she knew was that she was face-down in the grass, exhausted and hungry, and also without a single weapon. Leave it to Van to take care of all of the details.]

[The last thing she remembered was seeing the edge of a beautiful, silver city just beyond the mountains. She could have gotten to it, even if every muscle in her body was shivering to generate heat. But she had been so tired, so cold... So she fell asleep, a deep sleep.]

[The woman sat up, running her hand through her bangs. She... actually felt pretty good, now. The aching in her body from trudging through snowy hills was gone. The hunger that desperately gnawed at her stomach for days on end was almost non-existent. Her parched throat was soothed. And the biting cold that had pierced through her body and killed her in the first place... It was no more. Her body felt new again, as if she had never stepped forth through the frozen wasteland in Sylvana in the first place.]

[It brought forth a slew of emotions. Relief at being alive, anger at Van for his insane, idiotic plans, and most of all, confusion as to where she was, now. And how.]

Yulia... What is this place?


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