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[ Another redhead for your torturing pleasure. Luke just... appeared face-down on the ground outside. He was unconscious, battered, and dirty with torn clothes. It seemed like he'd just been in a huge fight and lost. His left hand was still on top of a gun, a sawn-off shotgun that looked like something Kimlasca might have used in their armies. His clothes were different, black clothing with a white coat around him, much more rugged travel clothing. Though at the moment, they were torn almost beyond recognition. ]

[ Was that a small, red, feathered wing poking through a torn slit in the back? ... Maybe you can kick Luke awake. ]

[[ OOC: So uh, I used to roleplay on the LJ ADR, but it's been a while. I hope I can still play redheads decently. This one's an AU!Luke from the Wild ARMs 3 universe. Don't worry if you don't know the game -- hardly anyone does. Basically, he uses a gun now, though he still has a sword. Guns are just more useful on Filgaia (Wild ARMs 3 world).

EDIT: I am horribly late with tags. I'm sorry. When I do get the chance to tag, though, I usually tag back right away. Just warning you. ]]
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[ So if you don't remember this Luke, it's okay. He's the one with the shotgun and the wings. ]

[ He's also poking around a building that he found his way into. And what else would that building be but an arcade? Dragon Buster's getting its exercise right now. ]

DIE! [ TaptaptaptapSMASHyank. Some things never change. ]

[ Feel free to bug Flame while he's gaming, but he's kind of absorbed in it right now. It might take you a few pokes. ]
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[ Have a new Luke, DR. This one's from after Eldrant and was suddenly shipped off to Filgaia, a desert planet somewhere in between Western and sci-fi. ]

[ In either case, he suddenly stops and looks around, because what the hell? This... didn't look like Filgaia. He frown, wings fluffing in annoyance. Now where was he? He had just been running from a pack of bandits, gun over his shoulder, and now he's in this place with... green. He hasn't seen so much green in over a year, just a few trees and patches of grass here and there. Nothing really grew well in the poor, rocky soil on Filgaia. So he'll just find a spot by a tree and sit down underneath, one knee drawn to his chest and Rudia, his shotgun, leaning against it. ]

This sucks. At least I'm not being chased, anymore... [ And hey, this was kind of nice. He could almost take a nap here... ]


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