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((OOC: Putting this first so it makes sense. Jade is meeting Guy after planning with Asch here and here. We don't have a specific Guy per say so if you want to step up feel free, more than one would be fabulous actually, and also just because Jade is on his way to meet someone, feel free to hold him up~ The two are also looking for fonists so if you want to be a part of that too, feel free, this can be largely hand-waved, and this post is just for if someone did want to play part of it out.))

[It was early in the day, and Jade was already up and moving quickly along. The eventual goal was the inn, but Jade had also needed to take care of his shopping, stop by the cafe for some food, and of course study more at the library, so it was quite clear he wasn't making the inn first priority, especially since there were so many people to talk to. He'd been thinking hard on the prototype schematics for the fontech he had found and was fairly sure the design was solid enough to keep anyone from dying via fonon-separation. While it was amusing to play with Asch on it seeming risky, this was serious business because he was not interested in sacrificing people for any reason.

At the end of the day though, Jade did have a contingency plan in case things went awry, and it was something he hadn't even discussed with Anise because he knew it wouldn't be well-received.
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[Once Anise and Colonel Jade Curtiss found themselves together and more than in acquaintance in this strange land...Well it didn't take long for them to take out their boredom out on the local people.

They had been told the holidays were coming up which of course meant celebrations of all sorts! Around the city one may catch them doing one of many activities to evoke the populace, whether or not it's their anger is yet to me seen.

Such activities include singing terrible carols in front of popular stores, decoration the area with colored water balloons and throwing snow balls at random people walking by.

Maybe they're getting a little too out of hand with the 'holiday spirit'...

(ooc: You can chose whom ever you'd like to play with including both of the trouble causers! Feel free to start some trouble of your own♥)
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[Jade walked on as he contemplated. Where was he? He didn't really know, nor care; the nexus had a mind of it's own as of late and he'd seen at least three different versions of Auldrant so far, as well as other places. He just wanted to see a familiar face so he could ask them an important question.

One that could change how the world saw him forever, and it wasn't something he wanted to play at without serious thought and guidance from anyone that could offer him input. In particular there were a few people he wanted to ask since he saw them more than others, and one in particular because they were in a relationship.

Some of the time. Of course he had to hope he didn't find the wrong versions of people, as ard as that might be, he was sure it was possible with only a little effort on his part. The Necromancer couldn't deny he was something of a magnet for trouble.


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[Hardly anything new, really.

A Jade was sitting in a rather out of place chair, reading, and pointedly ignoring the fact he was so out out of place. Clearly, he was plotting serious evil tidings for place and was simply going over his extensive notes.

Or so it seemed. He was quite certain he'd been doing something much, much more fun that sitting out in the middle of a random place with nothing but a chair and a book to keep him company. He was hardly getting younger and the chair was quite lumpy. Not to mention the book itself was of such spectacular quality he would have assumed that Luke would have authored it before having cut his hair. Well, as he did like to tell their little group, "One makes due." Which he was doing, and seemingly gladly.

((OOC: Older!Jade. Have not got his backstory written down yet sadly, but please don't let that stop you!))


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