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[This would be one of the many times that Asch could safely say he hated his life.]

[He would have given anything to find a change of clothes for himself so he could finally drop this act and just be himself again. Unfortunately, he wasn't having that much luck, and it wasn't like he could just go up to another Asch and say, "Give me your cloths!" That would reveal who he really was, and open him up to all kinds of ridicule. Damn Zelos for curling his hair. Damn Zelos for wearing pink...]

[...on top of it, "Zelos's" charms had dragged his own little harem out of the woodwork, and he could never seem to get rid of them when he was out and about. Damn Zelos and his womanizing ways!]

Now, now, ladies. No need to crowd, there's plenty of me for everyone.

[Fuck. His. Life.]

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Saturday, September 17th, 2011 10:23 am
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[Some people might recognise the kid with the bad dyejob and Malkuth clothes stumbling in again. He looks a bit worse for wear, thinner and tired, and his clothes are showing the sign of rough living. The dye is fading too, although it'll be a while before his hair gets back to its natural colour.

He looks around in confusion for a bit before recognition dawns and he scowls]

This place again? I don't have time for this!

[ooc; Hey guys, updating to post-Akzeriuth o/ He at least knows about the replica business now although you might be disappointed if you're expecting an updated attitude cough]

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 09:34 am
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[So apparently unpleasant truths are sort of in vogue around ADR lately. Luke learned some stuff about Master Van that he'd really rather he hadn't, and he's been holed up for a few days, not eating or sleeping well, trying to make sense of it and figure out what to do next. And failing on all accounts.

Asch is right, it's better that he know this, except he still wishes that he didn't, and that's making him pissed off at himself. And pissed off at Jade for telling him in the first place. And just generally pissed off, because irrational anger is to pre-Akzeriuth Luke as brooding is to post-haircut Luke or something.

...all that said, Luke's just trying to kick the crap out of an innocent tree right now. He may or may not be imagining someone's face on it.]

[ooc: In general order, Luke is irrationally pissed off at
1. Jade
2. the Score
3. this stupid tree
4. the world
5. himself
6. ... ...Master Van ._.]

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Friday, March 18th, 2011 09:24 am
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[in what may be an unusual sight, Luke's concentrating hard on a thick leatherbound book, apparently with the help of a dictionary of Ancient Ispanian.

...except it doesn't seem to be going too well because he finally slams the dictionary shut with an irritated groan]

Ughhh... why does every word have to mean like five things?!

[stare / mock / assist?]


Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 10:36 am
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[as is customary for new arrivals here, Luke looks confused. and pissy. and he is, for some reason, wearing clothes with a distinct Malkuthian cut, and a mantle with its hood pulled back. and oh yeah, his hair is trying to be brown in what might be the world's most unconvincing dye job.]

Okay, first off, Your Majesty? No one finds stealth-redecorating the palace grounds funny except for you.

[ooc: tl;dr backstory in journal, basically: lady susanne told him about the score foretelling akzeriuth and had him flee baticul, he's currently hiding out in grand chokmah with guy and trying to make it through ND 2018 without starting any wars or dying. Oh, and he'll try to introduce himself as Edel Gardios if he doesn't know you but he's a crappy liar and will probably fold if you just give him a long steady look or something]


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