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 [ Look who's back. It's been a while, dressing room. It's Asuke, returned from his long visit back home and curled under the nearest tree, bright green eyes shut and a peaceful expression on his face, that beloved old, ragged black cloak of his spreading out behind him. Tattered or not, he's still wearing it.

The journey's been hard and long, and he's taking a rest. For a while.

Come poke him?
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 [After arriving in this strange place, Asuke been wandering around, taking in the sights.  While he's still tense, singing with Anise calmed him down a little. He's still edgy but for now,  he's at peace.

And he has just discovered the kitchen. Which, from the looks of it and the burn marks and the awful smell, had been visited by Natalia. Poor suckers. And more importantly, the kitchen seemed open to use and there is a cooking book sitting on the table. Well, Asuke couldn't just pass up the opportunity. He sets straight to work.

Soon, there are piping-hot pancakes piled high on the table,  so help yourself.

[OOC: He's free. All cranky originals, trollsJades, Lukes, anyone simply must poke him. You know you want to, you'll get pannnncakes out of it~ Aschs out there, say hello to what looks like a long-haired dreck trying to rip off Asch's dress style of covering every inch of his body and turn it white. Jade, here is a science experiment. Take it apart if you want. Come one, come all.

After all Asuke isn't a fail cook like a certain princess. Those pancakes smell good.]
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 [ There is another 'Luke' in the dressing room. But... something's off. Luke doesn't seem like Luke but it's not Asch either. 'Luke' has also got a slightly familiar wardrobe  change. 

"Luke" shifts uneasily from foot to foot as he attempts to get his bearings. He pauses to look around, face partially covered by a long, black scarf. Okay, where the heck was he?

... What the heck? Where am I? 

[OOC: SAY HI, to Asuke fon Fabre, folks. Please be gentle. This is the first time I've really tried playing him and I might not have a good grasp on his voice yet. Tell if I make mistakes. As for his history and personality, please before you start, go to his journal. 

Asch, Sync, Luke, Jade, and anyone feel free to come and trollpoke the newbie. You know you want to.]


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