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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 02:53 am
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[Well, this was rather troublesome. Here, there, everywhere~! Dist felt like he was being tugged in every which way these days, taken to all these strange, new places. He scowls once he realizes he's not returned to Auldrant, but that odd in-between world that resembled it so closely, and shifts the heavy box of various metals, tools, and blueprints in his arms.]

Honestly, this place again? I was busy! Hmph, perhaps I can at least acquire some more advanced materials here than that filthy little hovel.

[The fontechnician turns slowly, heading towards where he remembered a good shop was that sold fontech parts and...surprise, surprise! A pair of soft, fluttering wings lay neatly on his back. They were almost completely camouflaged by the lavish coat he wore, since the two shared the same black color with pink swirls. DR, meet Luceti!Dist. Same idiot, new appendages. :|b]

I wonder if my belongings are still here...

[It'd be such a bother to move in to a new home again. He sighs, shifts the box again, and heads on his way at a brisk pace, thinking all the while. Hopefully he wouldn't be taken away for too long from Luceti. He had obligations there! And...And someone there he didn't ever want to leave.]
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[Well, well, look who it is. Everyone's favorite nuisance! Except, for once, Dist is actually keeping out of people's way. He seems very focused on what he was doing - or writing, really - as he sat outside a cafe. Many books were piled around him, some open, and he'd glance up at them here and there, but his eyes were locked onto his notepad as he scribbled down notes and sketches very quickly.

Dist stopped his writing for a second to take a delicate sip of his drink, most likely tea or coffee, and flipped a few pages of a large book in front of him. His mulberry colored eyes scanned it and he quickly scribbled down more notes.]

...The theory seems sound enough. All equations and processes--oh, this is incorrect. Hm...I'd have to test it, but that the consequences could be...rather disagreeable if my calculations are imperfect.

[Erase, erase. Scribble. This process continues on for quite some time before he sighs and chews on the end of his pencil in frustration. Obviously, Dist is deep in thought and busy with some kind of research and project, perhaps, meaning he does not wish to be disturbed.


Well, what are you waiting for? :|]
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[Oh, look who it is! We haven't seen our most favorite former God-General in a while. It seems he's been dumped back into this place again after a bit of some exciting adventures in another nexus. Thankfully, and to your dismay Dist doesn't seem unchanged much. He has his usual coat, his usual grin, and everything seems normal.

That is, until he trips over something, and lands smack on his face. So coordinated, Dist.]


[Dist wheels around, and his jaw drops, glasses slightly askew. What he sees behind him is absolutely horrifying! It's his beautiful Kaiser Dist XX! It's all fixed and perfectly repaired, but strung up with flashing Christmas lights, holly, and silver and gold bells. There's also an enormous sack piled high with presents clutched in one of its metallic, clawed arms.

Giving a beep and whir, the massive fonbot stands - and promptly begins to play the coolest shit ever, before digging through the sack and producing a gift for its creator and master.

Dist doesn't take it, staring in horror, shock, and a bit of awe. He has no words for this. Not a single one that isn't some form of profanity.

Ooc: So yes! Dist has returned with a bit of a canon update - he's now post!Nebilim - as well as a bit of a Christmas surprise! 8D Kaiser Santa H0H0 is delivering presents to good boys and girls! If you think you've been good, approach to get a gift! But be forewarned, if you've been naughty, the gifts might hide a nasty surprise. So...if you hear the box ticking, you'll know you've been bad.]


Monday, November 16th, 2009 03:18 pm
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[It's been weeks since the tragic occurrence that happened around Halloween. True to his name as one tenacious cockroach, Dist's recovered from a tough battle. It's still the early hours of morning, and he couldn't sleep. Hasn't for some time, actually. Not well at least. The old fontechnician at least took the time to clean up his lab and house, and was now wandering aimlessly through the halls, trying to clear his mind. Such a big house for just one person... Easy to get lost in.

Dist was in the middle of undoing the last of his bandages when he glances up and spies something in the dark room he just walked into. He hadn't been in this room yet, since he took the house as his own. It was dusty and dark, with the same high windows and ceilings as the rest of the house. The curtains were thin and moth-eaten, but that's not what held his interest. Stepping forward quietly, the man pulled a sheet off of a large piece of furniture in the midst of the room.

Just as he thought. A beautifully polished, black Grand Piano stood before him. He slid one gloved hand over the smooth wood and looked around. No one was here... Dist stroked a few of the keys absently, then a few more... Slowly, a song begins to take form and the old man seats himself. He plays slowly as first, then builds it up and up, eyes closing as those long, skilled fingers press firmly upon each ivory and charcoal key. A smile pulls at his lips when the fevered part of the song plays, hands and fingers dancing this way and that, and he even chuckles a little. When was the last time he played? Thirteen years ago? No, longer than that, surely...

What he doesn't know is that each of those arched windows is open, and the high ceilings and empty room catches and amplifies sound beautifully, so anyone happening to pass close to his manor would be able to hear at least a trace of it. Dist feels warmth on his back as the sun embraces him lovingly. He smiles, and taps the last few keys as he lets out a heavy sigh. A heavy sigh and all his weighted thoughts and feelings. Yes, he's finally beginning to feel a little better.]

...The Sun Rises.
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[Anyone who knows Dist will know he's a workaholic. What with having little to no true friends, as well as being a social outcast, he's dedicated himself to his research. During his stay in this new world, he's found a suitable place to live as well as do his experiments. And today is no different. He's been working well into the night, a bright opal moon glowing its white-gold light through a large, arched window. It gives his laboratory an eerie feel - shadows looking like the stuff of nightmares.

The researcher removes a vial from a tray, the murky red liquid sloshing thickly. Reaching for a syringe, he fills it with the solution and approaches his examination table, pushing up his rounded glasses. The moonlight shines off them, giving his already manic appearance a bit extra. Mad scientist? No, no, no... We much prefer evil genius.

Upon the examination table is a monster, probably unconscious from some sort of drug. Dist examines the small canine-like beast, checking its vital signs.]

Mm... Everything seems stable. Now, to add the drug. This should increase its overall physical abilities as well as slow the metabolism dramatically. [He smirks, eyes lighting up wickedly.] If this proves successful...

[But since when does anything ever go according to plan? Fate is an enemy of the God-General. As he reaches to inject the sleeping hound, the drug keeping it asleep wears off. Frantic, the beast howl and kicks its legs, knocking Dist's hand and the syringe away. Cursing, he reaches to grab the monster, but feels a hot, burning pain in his leg. Wincing, he looks down, and sees the needle pumping his unholy concoction right into his thigh. He removes it instantly, knocking it away as a burning, searing fire blazes its way through his body. He roars with pain and desperately looks for an antidote, knocking over vials, beakers, and papers. The sound of shattering glass and splattering fluids fills the night's grim air as the tiny monster whines, yelps and curls into a corner.]

Ggh... hrrg...!! Wh-What's... happening?! This--Aahhh!! I-It's not... I need--!!

[He collapses into a dark corner of his laboratory, and silence reigns. The only sound that can be heard is the whimpering of the little monster, scratching frantically at the wall behind it. It knew something was there with it. Coming closer... Its yelps and squeals become howls and screams as a heavy breathing flows into the mix.

The howls stop.


. . .



[Ooc: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, PEOPLES! 83 Have a vampire!Dist. He's going to be prowling around the city, looking for some noms. Anyone wanna have some fun with this guy, dohoho~?

Things to Note:
- Dist DOES know something is wrong with him, that he's dangerous to people, and will give fair warning to some people before attacking them, but his control will be in little bursts here and there.
- Dist's abilities are HIGHLY increased. This means speed, strength, endurance, defense, and magic will all be a LOT stronger than normal.
- Dist needs blood, obviously. And nothing is safe. If you want him to bite you please include the tag BAIT as the comment title. If you merely want him to target your character but not bite them, please include the TARGET title.
- THREADJACKING IS ALLOWED, AND EVEN ENCOURAGED! Have people come to the rescue!
- Dist cannot die. But he CAN BE HURT. Fire and Light artes do a very heavy toll on him. Magic in general is pretty effective, but he's completely immune to Dark, and will laugh at you if you use it on him. :|b
- He's going to turn back on Sunday night. He'll have gained some kind of control to return to his lab and inject the antidote into himself on that day.

If this isn't okay with the mods, I'll take it down. Have fun, guys! &hearts]


Friday, October 16th, 2009 11:48 am
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[Someone might just notice a very sharply dressed man laying on the grass under a massive oak tree. Dist is enjoying one of the warmer days that rarely come around in Autumn. His hands are folded neatly over his stomach and there's an open book over his face. On his left, a little ways away, is his massive fonbot, Kaiser Dist, as well as a bunch of parts and tools. On his immediate right, just an arm grab away, is a... radio? Yes, a radio. It's an old, antique looking thing, but decorated nicely with swirling patterns ans dainty dials and knobs.

The wind lightly ruffles through the grass, leaves and his clothes as a song plays. His foot is moving absently to the rhythm - so he's awake, for the time.]

...Oh, strawberry avalanche, please crash over me~ &hearts

[Ooc: Hai, gaiz! 8D Have a Dist. He's feeling kinda lazy, so if you wanna bother him, go on and give him a poke. He might not but I'm not sure won't bite! Also, please be nice. :\ Or as much as you can, with this one.]


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