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Saturday, October 17th, 2009 02:46 pm
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[Sitting under a shady tree is the very same old world looking Luke with the thick English accent. He's currently surrounded by what looks like an art project. Little opened bottle of paint, some feathers, beads and fakes jewels rest beside him and before him are many fabric masquerade mask in various colors. Though what seems to be holding his attention are the glitter pens. The store owner recommended them but boy still wasn't sure what for... These mordern art tools were a little different from what he's used to, so he's been gazing at it thoughtfully for quite sometime now. It was an odd sort of pen, nothing like a quill and was filled with shiny dust.]

Looks like something a pixie would make...

[Gives the plastic pen and jumps when some of the dust squirts out and lands on a mask.]

Oh, bugger...

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Monday, October 5th, 2009 01:55 am
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[A not so new face to the city but certainly a new occupant. Have a oddly Victorian looking Luke walking in confusion through the streets. Could be because he was expecting to step out into the court of the castle and not into the middle of a city! Still this was nothing like the streets of London at all. This place... it looked unreal. The most astounding to him was the industrial touches... basically electricity! What magic was this? Taking the cross bow off his belt he starts to load it before letting out a frustrated growl when the trigger slips and the arrow stabs into the ground.]

Oh, bugger all! You were supposed to fix this bloody trigger, Guy.

[He mutters in a distinct English accent and tries loading the cross bow once more.]

((ooc: nsfw material.))


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