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Thursday, April 28th, 2011 06:33 pm
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[ Hello, ADR. Been a while, hasn't it? Easter was a few days ago, but every day is made more awesome by concentrated adorable, right?  ]

[ Here is one tiny (not-yet-a) guardian, sitting in the grass outside and dressed lightly for the lovely spring weather. Her oversized doll is sitting beside her, head cocked to the side. It looks like they're having a Very Serious Discussion about the colorful baskets of sweets and dyed eggs that they're surrounded by. ]

What about this one, Tokunaga? [ Tiny!Anise holds out a bright blue marshmallow peep. ] Or that one? [ Pointing at the chocolate bunny in the basket closest to Tokunaga. ] Oh, umm, but I kinda like the eggs, too! [ Anise, those eggs aren't candy even if they look like it. ]

[ And then there was girlish giggling. ]

Oh, I know! We can try them all! ♥

[ Someone, please. Save her from the cavities. ]
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[Hello again, Dressing Room! In this lovely little corner you might find a rather pale looking princess holding a small pink dress. Wow this Natalia has a kid? She must have moved on fast! the princess holds it, looking very upset, as she all but dashes around the shopping center]

But I just had her...How could I be so careless? [she walks around to a store, peering in with worried, furrowed brows, big sad eyes]

She'll get hurt by herself--oh dear..I promised I'd take care of her--! I can't possibly have done something so foolish.. [she's flitting around like an anxious hummingbird, running down the street]


[ooc; Nat found a bb!Anise [livejournal.com profile] lilguardian in this dressing room and basically adopted her which equals double moe forever. She turned for one minute and now Anise escaped! Oh My! Feel free to wonder why she's holding a child's dress or stumble upon Anise herself, depending on which us decides to respond! :')  ]

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 09:47 pm
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[ Hi, ADR. Have a five year old. She was lost and wandering around with wide, curious eyes until just a moment ago - but then she stumbled into a room with low tables and building blocks and tea sets and picture books. She's never seen this many things to play with, all at once! Or at all, really. ]

[ Setting her oversized doll safely to the side for now, and sinking a few fingers into some gooey, bright pink fingerpaint. She giggles, it feels kinda funny! ♥ ]

[ Any other tinies out there to play with? Concerned (or otherwise) adults are just as welcome, of course. But tread carefully, you wouldn't want to disturb a little genius at work. (Don't worry, the paint comes out in the wash. Probably.) ]


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