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Maaaaster! [ Mieu hops down an empty hallway, looking around the corner. His ears are alert, nose up in the air; his master has to be here somewhere. Surely if he keeps looking, he can find him! ] Master, where are you?

[ He spends a few more minutes of fruitless searching, he huffs and flops on to the floor. ] Mieuuu... Master...
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Welcome, inhabitants and visitors! Whether you are familiar with this land or just getting acquainted, your friendly neighborhood nexus might give off the impression of having shifted recently. Fallen limbs here, a few tipped chairs there. Nothing to worry about!

And why should you fret when there's a party going on? The sudden appearance of streamers and balloons and buffet tables loaded down with delectable goodies might be a touch disconcerting for some, but there they are! Just waiting for you to dig in and have a good time! There can't be any harm in kicking back to relax for a while, right?


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Sunday, April 5th, 2009 02:27 am
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[ On this day you can find a Luke of the obnoxious persuasion wandering from body of water to body of water with a net and container, peering down into the depths for some reason or another. With how hilariously overreactive long haired Lukes are, you know you want to bug him, yes~? ]

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009 02:30 am
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...I don't care what Jade says. Being lost doesn't make me a goldfish.


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