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[It's been boring in the dressing room lately.]

[We all know what boredom does to Colonel Jade Curtiss.]

[Major trolling for epic lulz.]

Hm, now where did I put that banner...? [Ancient!Jade is shuffling through some boxes over here--namely of banners, headbands, sashes, and foam weapons--in search of something. His back really isn't cut out for this... Come help him, DR?]

[Oh, and you get to be on the red team or the blue team. We're going to have a BATTLE.]

[[OOC: Just state in the title of your first post whether you want red or blue. Jade will give you a job to do.

EDIT: And maybe I should come up with rules, too... Everyone gets three flags tied to... whatever. If all three are gone, you're "dead." Otherwise, Asches, feel free to beat the shit out of Lukes with your foam weapons before stealing all three flags at once. Team with the last remaining player is the winner.

EDIT2: ... Artes are LEGAL. Nothing lethal, disfiguring, or majorly injuring, guys. Jade will have your ass.

EDIT3: You can go ahead and post under the Battle post when you're ready!

EDIT4: I'm SO sorry about late tags everywhere. School's starting in a few days and I've been busy as all hell with doctor/dentist appointments, staying at my grandparents', and generally being out of the house. I should be able to tag now, though.]]


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Look who else is back~

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 02:36 pm
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[So... What's up, Dressing Room? Dead? That means more room that Jade can take over as the Ruler of Alternate Space. In any case, Jade is just sitting outside. It's a nice day, and he's just reading a book the nerd. Feel free to bother him, the usual rules.]

[Also, no creepers, plz. All creepers will be subject to Indignation or another arte of Jade's choosing. Creepers include Dists, Asches who think Lukes are toys, and that fgt below me.]


OOC: Might be slow replying, RL is kicking my ass.
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[And it appears one of the most obnoxious Jades in the dressing room is wandering around. Lo and behold, he comes across a nice-looking building, decorated and quite snazzy. It was all gold trim and lush red paint. Viewing the inside through the glass pane door, he could see it was just as lavish on the inside as it was on the outside.]

[And the word 'SPA' is across the top in fonic glyphs. Well, well. Can't blame a man for trying it out.]

[So he rents a bathing suit--damn, just like the one Peony made him wear in the Keterburg version of the spa--and goes to change into the navy speedo-like suit in the back rooms. It appears the spa is deserted for now, save for the clerk at the front desk. Albeit her eyes looked a bit... dead.]

[No one else here? Well, we'll just carry the robes, then, and make our way over to the hot spring water. He'll just test it with his toe before dipping in and leaving his towel and robes at the side for later. The glasses were coming off, and his hair was going to be tied up in a psuedo-bun at the back of his head. Aah~ This was the life~]

[[OOC: EVER BEEN SUBJECTED TO EMBARRASSMENT BY COLONEL JADE CURTISS? HAVE YOU HAD TO ENDURE THE TORTUROUS AND SNIDE MOCKING FROM THIS OLD MAN FOR YEARS? COME DISH OUT A BIT OF WHAT HE'S BEEN MISSING TO THE TWAT. Side-effects may include: dry mouth, heavy breathing, flushed face, increased respiration, and elevated heartbeat in females (and some males). Other side-effects may include: repulsion, vomiting, and uncontrollable laughter.]]

Let's Play!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 05:10 pm
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[And here Jade is still at the chess board, looking around amused at all of the players.]

Shall we get into place, everyone? Oh, what's this? [He bends over to pick something up OHGODMYBACK. It's a book.]

A rulebook. Well, this should come in handy for all of the Lukes and Asches. [He'll just leave it nearby for anyone who doesn't know how to play to read.]

[And so he moves into his spot as the White Queen. Let the game begin!]

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[So Jade is wandering about the place on his own Anise I told you to keep him on the leash when he goes into the forest to explore. He's expecting quite a few monsters, but instead stumbles upon a giant clearing after a few minues of walking.]

[... And a giant chess board.] Well, now, isn't this interesting? Who would build a board game out here?

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 07:43 pm
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[So here's a forty-two-year-old Jade, from the same Auldrant as [livejournal.com profile] fonmasterpink. He's wandering around from the apartment he and Anise found and trying to familiarize himself with the new world. Not having work to do is really getting to him, so he's a bit dazed and deep in thought.]

[Come bother? =D]


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