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[When Luke was stuck back in the manor, what was the one thing that kept him sane? That's right, swordsmanship training with Master Van. And well... he can't do that here, and if Van was here, he might not even be sure he wants to, but... at least part of him has been subconsciously falling back on those days of late. Probably because he doesn't feel like he has anything to do, which is just as good as being stuck back there again.

As it is, he's currently outside, hefting the sword that [livejournal.com profile] scionofhispower gave him, going through a few a few training patterns and artes. Swallow Fury, for instance, was one of those artes where the acrobatics were fairly easy to practice, even if there was no opponent.

Not everything is quite what it appears to be though. He keeps pausing to frequently shake out his left hand - it's been giving him odd feelings all day - and frowning when the shaking seems to be ineffective.

He probably wouldn't mind a sparring partner. Or an observer.]

[[ooc; I've got a little bit of plottyness planned for this post, just to warn anybody; Don't let that discourage you though! I'm pretty open to all replies.]]

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[So, after a certain point, Luke was not able to help with the Cheagocalypse. And he'd be very sorry about it too in a normal state of mind. But that's just a problem. This isn't a normal state of mind. As a matter of fact, ever since recieving a certain bit of information he hasn't been in a very good state of mind at all.

So as of right now, he's just wandering around ye olde Nexus, brooding and trying to process all that he's learned. And we all know it's especially bad for Lukes to brood, especially if they're past Absorption Gate, let alone Tower of Rem like this one is.

He's very easy to sneak up on and startle at the moment, and he may have a little trouble with coherent sentences unless you can give him something to latch onto mentally. Make of that info what you will.]

[ooc: I just... He needs to get it out of his system.]
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[[Because this Luke's mun needs to blow off some steam until the new application round at [livejournal.com profile] splendorocity , have a perfectly ordinary (if you count his post-Tower of Rem equivalent of a terminal illness "normal") short haired Luke fon Fabre, albeit a slightly freaked-out one.

Last thing he remembers is sitting in an inn in Sheridan, thinking up a name for a bridge, and damn is that hard. I mean... the bridge was supposed to be a memorial for the Classes, but just picking one of them was just... disrespectful to the other, but that had been all he'd been able to think of so far. And since creativity has never been Luke's strong point, he wasn't sure where to go from there.

Then the whole thing had become moot when he suddenly found himself here.

Whoever meets him will probably need to convince him that he hasn't died before carrying on normal conversation. Either that or troll him. Trolling is always a possibility, though not one he'll appreciate with as frayed of nerves as he has at the moment.]]

I- What happened? Is there anyone else here? What's going on? 


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