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[Once Anise and Colonel Jade Curtiss found themselves together and more than in acquaintance in this strange land...Well it didn't take long for them to take out their boredom out on the local people.

They had been told the holidays were coming up which of course meant celebrations of all sorts! Around the city one may catch them doing one of many activities to evoke the populace, whether or not it's their anger is yet to me seen.

Such activities include singing terrible carols in front of popular stores, decoration the area with colored water balloons and throwing snow balls at random people walking by.

Maybe they're getting a little too out of hand with the 'holiday spirit'...

(ooc: You can chose whom ever you'd like to play with including both of the trouble causers! Feel free to start some trouble of your own♥)

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 12:19 am
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[Anise was busy setting up what could only be described as something fabulous for a certain occasion today. Silver and gold streamers decorated the edge of a Malkuth blue table cloth. Rainbow confetti bits decorated all around a cake stand that held a giant white cake. The boarder and letters were in black and happened to say a very special message to a certain person.

"Happy Birthday Colonel!

You're turning ancient♥

In the middle of the message stood a gravestone candle saying R.I.P., seems someone thinks she's funny today while trying to celebrate Jade's birthday. Regardless of her humor, she apparently is expecting a lot of people to have cake. 

Come enjoy some whether or not you're the birthday boy~?


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