Monday, December 19th, 2011 09:08 pm
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[It's a war zone.]

[Yes, it is quite honestly a war zone in here.]

[Natalia has managed to borrow a kitchen, and there are pots, pans, mixing bowls and dishes strewn about the place - some stacked five or six high and rocking precariously to and fro. Honestly, how could she not? After all, the end of the year is upon this place as well, isn't it? And with so many familiar faces around, Natalia could hardly sit by doing nothing. So she's decided to hone her cooking skills in order to prepare a winter meal for her companions...and her not!companions and... And those other people who are rather difficult to speak with, but who are acquaintances nevertheless.]

[There are a few problems, though. The least of which being the "soup" that - rather than just boiling - is beginning to smoke. Or the chicken in the oven which is well on its way to becoming "extra crispy". In the midst of it all is an aproned Natalia, concentrating intently on a recipe card lest she make a mess of things.]

There must be a mistake. How can I possibly be expected to let a pudding "stand"?


Sunday, November 13th, 2011 12:42 pm
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[Natalia looks around herself cautiously and adjusts her quiver strap. Only moments before she had been following behind Luke and the others as they made their way through the desert, and now they have all seemingly left her! Luke... wouldn't abandon her, would he? Certainly not after he had promised! ...Unless perhaps in his eagerness to join up with Dorian General Grants her very presence had somehow escaped his mind. However, that's not something she wishes to dwell upon for very long.]

Luke...? Luke! Just what is the meaning of this! Did you not agree to let me accompany you? I demand that you return immediately!

[No, no... this is silly; demands never work with him. Natalia takes a deep breath and starts forward. She can't prove him right about not belonging outside the castle. She must simply have gotten herself turned around; she'll catch up to them on her own. Definitely.]

[[OOC: Post-factory, pre-Akzeriuth. Somewhere around there!]]


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