One: Alter

Sunday, May 5th, 2013 12:21 am
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[The wetness suited his mood, threatening to rinse everything away, even the very colors of life itself.

He would have been fine with that. Letting the water rinse the crimson from the hair on his head, letting it pool on the ground like the blood that should be mingling with it. Somehow, he was alive. He also knew that he had finally released his destiny, forced Luke to take the reigns as Luke fon Fabre, while the ashes of the Sacred Flame diminished and vanished in the wind. He had no idea what had happened after he put his trust into the replica with his dying breaths, didn't know what fate had befallen the world, or more importantly, Natalia.

He knew this was not home though. He also knew that as long as he still breathed, he had a promise to fulfill. If this was the afterlife, it was terrible, but even if it was he'd slash his way through it and take hold of whatever he needed to answer that promise, just as she knew he would.

Until then...he needed three things; food, shelter, and a weapon. He could do without the third for a time, as he was a fonist, but the first two were priority as he felt the pangs of hunger rise, and the fatigue of sleep pulling at him, attempting to command him to meet these needs.

I guess dying works up an appetite. [More of a grunt than words. Shoving his bangs up and aside to not blind him, Asch started walking, curious about the streets he now walked.]


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