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[Third Proclamation] Hire a New Groundsman.

[The warmer weather means the ground has begun to thaw. Here and there, if a person were to stop and look, are signs of spring. A snatch of color here, a hint of life there. So it is that a particular mound of dirt is nudged and overturned by someone's over-polished boot.]

[Asch stares down at the small green shoot for a moment. He doesn't know what kind of plant it is, doesn't really care all that much either, but he guesses it deserves a chance. Besides, if it's springtime already, that means he's been stuck here for way too long.]

Humph... At this rate I really will need a cane.

[The redhead straightens, takes a step back onto the path to head further into town... And that's when it happens. Asch wobbles on his feet, one hand shooting towards the ache in his skull, the other groping for a stationary object to catch his balance on.]
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[ The onset of spring brings another, less noticeable change to their nameless town: a nomadic replica has taken up his former habit of sleeping outside. While a chill still permeates the air for the first half of the day, Luke had solved that easily enough by borrowing an abandoned jacket and leaving a note of apology in its place. Just to easy his conscience. ]

[ With hood up and face buried against his chosen bench's backrest, Asch's approach fails to rouse Luke from his nap. Even the mutterings only elicit a shift in position. By now Luke was used to imagining he could hear his original's voice. A body hitting ground, however, has him clambering onto the seat, grasping for his absent sword. Of all the times to forget... ]

[ Spotting the downed redhead, Luke flips his legs over the bench and is at his side in a matter of seconds. Immaculate clothes? Check. Evenly trimmed hair? Double check. Definitely not another Luke. He grabs Asch by the shirt and pulls, hoisting him against his chest. He's breathing, right? He has to be...! ]

Asch! Asch!
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[ The undulation of Asch's chest, however unsteady it may be, is all the reassurance Luke needs for his panic to start ebbing away. That doesn't mean his grip loosens. In fact, he nestles Asch into the crook of his arm and passes a hand across his forehead. No noticeable fever. A quick glance down his original's body doesn't reveal any obvious injuries, so his attention returns to Asch's face. ]

[ While Asch's initial order for silence is too quiet for Luke to hear, he catches the 'screaming' part and scrunches up his face with an indignant look. For one thing he isn't yelling! And for another, is that how you thank someone who retrieved you from eating dirt, Asch? Geez. ]

I'm not...! [ Despite his protests, Luke winces at the volume of his voice. ...okay, so maybe he was shouting. Just a bit. After a moment's consideration he continues, more mindful of the pained expression Asch has. ] Sorry... I saw you lying there and I thought that you were...

[ He doesn't really need to say it outright, does he. Not when his hands are shaking from the thought, the memory. ]
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You have know idea how much I was tempted for him to grab a certain something else...

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[Spring is in the air, causing a certain puppeteer to have a much brighter mood than normal. Spring meant love, rejuvenation, and of course pretty flowers. What more could someone ask for from a season? In fact there seemed to be a slight skip in her step as she strolled through various places to catch a glimpse of new life.

Of course when she caught a glimpse of red, she was fully expecting something else rather than a certain king that had given her a taste of her own game.

Except something seemed to be very wrong. Probably because he was holding his head while wildly looking for something to grasp onto.

Immediately she tried to make it to his side to try and help, though making it in time didn't seem likely she could at least help him back onto his feet.

[ooc: "W-what the hell are you grabbing?!" "S-shut up!"]
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....That would be the best, who are you kidding?

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[Instead of a giant cushion if fonons, he just had a giant plush catching him mid-fall. Anise had thrown Tokunaga in a last ditch effort to make sure no harm had come to the king. Making her way over a few seconds later, she had made sure Tokunaga was gently craddling him in it's arms.< small>]

A-asch? What's wrong?

[ooc: "They aren't anything like Natalia's...." "What did you just say!?"]
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Oops, sorry about the fon typo.

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[Anise blinked before looking rather confused. A headache? This was a headache he was having? She grimaced at the fact wondering if it was something similar to what Luke was having during their journeys.

All she could do was wait it out to see if it'd get better unfortunately.

Sitting and waiting is rather hard for someone like her.

Tell me if there's anything I can do...
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[More like right next to his side, with her hands on her hips mind you.]

Oi, are you going to at least answer me or am I going to have to carry you like a princess back to a doctors office?

[At least she cares?]
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I think being king made him sassier...

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Perhaps I should ask if not then, for your sake since you mentioned it.

[Don't think she won't have Tokunaga drop Asch on the nearest bench before going about her merry way if he intends to be a pain.


Though when he said that a doctor would be a waste of time, concern was very evident in her expression.

Why do you say that?
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[Anise blinked, staring at his owlishly. Regenerative side effect? Of course everything pieced together from what he told her before, but the fact he had side affects from...well that]

Well...That's rather problematic. Have you tried having researchers look into at least making the reaction less sever? Because quite frankly Your Majesty, you are leaving yourself wide open to assassination attempts.

[What's sad is, she knows Asch a bit too prideful to have a body guard or five.]

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...Well. I had no idea you considered us on such good terms, Asch~

[The Colonel was referring to the fact the royalty was currently grasping Jade's thigh, the only stable thing near by. Removing Asch's hand carefully, he helped him up off the ground and to a nearby by bench, taking a seat next to him.]

Headaches, similar to Luke's when Lorelei or you were speaking to him? Had you had these before?

[While it was amusing how casually Jadre addressed the redhead's condition, it was more because he suspected Asch wanted little if any help. Needless to say, this Asch had managed to become still more interesting. Not an impossible feat, but improbable definitely.]
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[Unfortunately(certainly, in this case.) Asch would not be allowed a reprieve quite as long as he liked as Jade intended to press when the redhead was vulnerable and slightly more apt to answer questions instead of defending for even just one word of information.]

Well, I do believe we have a problem. Have you at least asked someone about? What about bodyguards? If the wrong person came here; it could end very poorly for you if a headache of this severity occurred.

[While he had a large number of questions in reserve, he felt these should set the pace for this meeting as he did want to impress upon this Asch he did care for him, and wanted him to not die. This would never spare him from the teasing though.]

Or do I have this all wrong~? Can the Nobility of Kimlasca not hold it's drink???
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Then I will speak seriously this once so as to not exacerbate your condition.

[Jade rested a hand on Asch's shoulder, waiting for him to relax and tell Jade without having to speak that the ache had dulled enough for him to speak again. When it did, Jade was surprised to hear that he wished to continue the conversation.]

They can not help you unless they arrive here though, I recommend you consult a doctor here. I also suggest you start keeping a bodyguard at least. Are you completely alone so far, from your world?
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I am told that is a common problem; duplicates.

[The irony here was that everything seemed like a horribly awry Fomicry experiment and was trying to prove that just because a Replica looked like an original and came from the same surroundings was no guarantee that they would turn out the same. That was not the matter at hand though.]

Anise is fond of you, I suppose it's to repay you for being so entertaining~

[Jade then gave a soft chuckle and shook his head.]

Rather, you've done so well for yourself and I suppose the two of us are just romantics at heart and would like you to succeed.

[Which is a subtle way of telling Asch to unclog his ears and actually listen to what the two were saying; they didn't want him hurt just because he was too stubborn to accept help.]
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[Holding up marvelously to Asch's scrutiny, Jade kept quiet until he was finished before answering with a fond smile.]

You forgot shapely; she is very proud of the fact she got the hourglass figure she wanted. Though to answer your question, I am "that Jade you spoke with before"~
[He was getting off track, but he did admire the attempt to throw him off and so the Colonel decided to humor the Monarch a bit longer.]

Well, I suppose you might simply say it is the result of age... Though I would argue a point that I've always been a terrible romantic; you young people merely were too wrapped up in your own troubles to notice~

[This seemed like a good time as any.] On the matter I said I would look into, I think I have found something that will help somewhat.

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