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Asch of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear ([personal profile] bloodreign) wrote in [community profile] abyssdressing2013-03-13 11:28 am

[Third Proclamation] Hire a New Groundsman.

[The warmer weather means the ground has begun to thaw. Here and there, if a person were to stop and look, are signs of spring. A snatch of color here, a hint of life there. So it is that a particular mound of dirt is nudged and overturned by someone's over-polished boot.]

[Asch stares down at the small green shoot for a moment. He doesn't know what kind of plant it is, doesn't really care all that much either, but he guesses it deserves a chance. Besides, if it's springtime already, that means he's been stuck here for way too long.]

Humph... At this rate I really will need a cane.

[The redhead straightens, takes a step back onto the path to head further into town... And that's when it happens. Asch wobbles on his feet, one hand shooting towards the ache in his skull, the other groping for a stationary object to catch his balance on.]

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