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Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 10:21 pm
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[She was scared, to be honest.

Tomorrow was the day... the day they would go to Eldrant.

The day they would defeat and kill Master Van.

It made her shake. Her body was visibly trembling. She would have never guessed that the innocent little trip to get back to Kimlasca would turn into something like this. A journey of endless peril and fighting and killing.

But when she thought of it, she never would have met so many wonderful friends if Tear hadn't shown up to kill Van. She would have still been stuck in that stuffy manor, complaining about weird headaches, and being a rude, selfish little brat. She... She was grateful, in a way, that Tear had come that day. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have learned so many valuable lessons.

She wouldn't have met Asch. Asch... her "original."

Funny. She always thought of him with kindness and nothing but an innocent want for friendship... but he didn't like her. Not one bit, it seemed.

And it was only because she was "not only a replica, but a pathetic, failed replica."

It kind of hurt to be called this, but she had learned to deal with this. It was Asch's personality. It was the way he was.

So, she found herself taking a walk along the sandy stretches of the desert outside of Chesedonia. She didn't stray too far, since she didn't want to be lectured by everyone. She had made sure to bring her equipment, and a few items, too, incase she would get into a battle.]

[She hadn't expected to end up in some odd, new place. It certainly wasn't the desert, that's for sure.]


[Oh. Shit.]

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