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[Cold days were not exactly good for wandering around much outdoors. Especially when one isn't in the greatest health to begin with. Thus, a certain Luke had bundled himself up and gone to the local library to try to find something to read.

The nice thing was that this library had books of all kinds, not just advanced fontech and fonology texts. Luke himself had picked up something mildly interesting-looking and found one of those comfortable lounge chairs you find in libraries. He'd also taken off a lot of his heavier coats and scarves and things and piled them beside him. He was inside, after all, and it was warm. He didn't need them here, right?

... unfortunately that's about when his exhaustion caught up with him. As such, visitors to the library will find one pale, sickly-looking Luke dozing in a lounge chair, with an open book resting on his stomach.]
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Welcome, inhabitants and visitors! Whether you are familiar with this land or just getting acquainted, your friendly neighborhood nexus might give off the impression of having shifted recently. Fallen limbs here, a few tipped chairs there. Nothing to worry about!

And why should you fret when there's a party going on? The sudden appearance of streamers and balloons and buffet tables loaded down with delectable goodies might be a touch disconcerting for some, but there they are! Just waiting for you to dig in and have a good time! There can't be any harm in kicking back to relax for a while, right?

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[Someone's making good use of his time here. Now that he's here, and things aren't... they aren't interfering with things at home, it's a little freer. He doesn't have to hide inside a stuffy medical facility to keep Van and the God-generals from finding out about his condition, for instance. Though unfortunately, this comes at the price of worrying what's going on at home, and what's going to happen if he can't get back in time. But for now... he'll take what freedom he can get.

Not that he has the energy to do much with that freedom, and [ profile] indigaytion probably wouldn't be pleased if he started pushing himself too much. But it does give him the chance to do... small things.

Like go out on short walks and just look at things, things he hasn't really had the chance to see for a while, though after a couple weeks the novelty has started to wear off a little. Still, there's something to be said for being able to just sit down, take your shoes off and stick your toes in the grass, feel the cool autumn breeze and watch clouds bustle by, when you know you won't be able to do any of these things for too much longer. Though lately something about that's been bothering him...

Bother y/n?]

[[ooc; open like a news stand on election week]]
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[There is a new redhead in town, Abyssdressing. A redhead who is currently, as it so happens, fast asleep, looking for all the world like he was probably wandering around before he finally became too exausted to continue and collapsed on a nearby bench and fell asleep. Which, in fact, is exactly what happened.

Other things that someone is likely to notice, should they pay attention: This Luke is thinner and paler than normal, his feet are bare, his sword - or any kind of equipment, really - is absent, and his clothing are much different from what he usually wears, much looser and more comfortable-looking, though clearly not made for any kind of hard travel.

Still, someone should wake him up. He really doesn't look like he should be wandering around outside.]

[[ooc; New Luke from Gorse, I promise I'll do better with keeping up with this one's tags. This one is slightly AUed off canon, based off this horribly sad plot bunny I wrote, here.]]


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