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[Come one, come all!]

[In the middle of the square, a gaudy canvas tent has been set up in vivid hues of pink, orange, green, and purple. At each post, balloons bob in the breeze. One flap is pulled aside, creating a shadowy mouth, while the rest of the tent walls are littered with flyers advertising tomorrow night's show and various other services - matchmaking, in particular, seems to be a favorite, but also favors, horoscopes, financial advice, tailoring. The works.]

[Many such flyers have been pasted onto walls and poles for good measure (there's only so much room on the tent itself, after all!) and still more can be found tucked into mailboxes and under doors, or wind-skittering along the streets.]

[Beside the entrance, a lone female can be found, heavily rouged and scantily dressed. She doesn't call out to or pester passers-by, but with one hand she opens and closes a small compact, sounding off a persistent clak-clak-clak.]

[Ladies and gentlemen, the leading lady is in. What can she do for you today?]
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Hi, my name is Enno and I'm forever late to things.

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[It may be required to play doctor.]


[He wasn't sure when it had happened, what caused it, or even where he was. The world spun sickeningly, each step pulled reality to the side just enough for the boy to feel another wave of nausea as he finally pitched into the side of the tent, having mistook the fabric for something solid. He slumped through, a hand going to the wound on his head, still bleeding shades of red to oppose the strong verdant tones of his hair, which was quickly matting to his head.

He felt a stabbing pain in his side and knew the gash there had opened again, but now...

He really just wanted to sleep.
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[Hearing something, his eyes managed to dance around before finally settling on something that looked vaguely reddish in hue. Huffing, he tried to move away but that wasn't happening obviously, the best effort being a hand going up weakly to push on an arm.

Slumping fully again, Sync felt a sharp ache on top of the constant one on his head and groaned. It was anything but pleasant, and the wound looked serious, but perhaps thankfully not serious enough to have broken his skull open.


[Words just wouldn't come at the moment so he let go of the attempt until the world stopped spinning.
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[He grunted, but lay still. The scenery was still turning and tilting too much and he couldn't muster any strength at all.

Instead it was time to contemplate something he often had.

Who am I?

This time though, there was something in particular about this soul-searching session that would cause problems later.

The nice thing though, was that he hurt to much to feel much more from her medicinal efforts.
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...I don't know.

[There was that one word that kept popping up every time he tried to ask himself a question about who he was, where he was from, what his life was like.

It was the one thought that kept resounding in his head over and over and made the headache worse. To finally answer her question though, he looked over at the woman.


[He remembered what a healer was. Someone that fixed the wounded.]

I can handle a healer.
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[Come to think of it. He didn't. It was all blackness and mystery.]

No... [Between this horrible fear of the realization his life was gone and the pain, he was trying not to cry.]