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Again? [Asch clucks his tongue in annoyance. The front half of the Maestro Sword swings pathetically from a break that's been tacked together with some kind of hot pink glittery tape. It's a sorry sight, but it's all he has.]

[Well, no, it's not everything. Aside from the sword there are bits and snatches of memories and knowledge from all over the so-called multiverse: faces, names, and one girl's unyielding optimism. Just when he thought he'd finally managed to fade into obscurity, here he is. Dragged off to somewhere else.]

[Asch raises his free hand to his forehead as he tries to place the architecture, making his way slowly towards the center of town. Isn't this that world that has some sort of love affair with Auldrant? Is that why he's here? Or is it a similar one with some unpleasant surprise waiting for him?]

...It's too quiet. Don't tell me the population shriveled up and died. [Where are Anise and Jade? Or Luke even? This town used to be crawling with copies of his replica...]

[And more clearly, as if he's speaking directly to someone:] What, did you run out of idiots to shelter or something?
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[It's his day off. Asch is perched in a wicker chair on the front porch of a certain cozy little house belonging to a certain infuriatingly loose-lipped tenant. Asch stares out across the street at one of the town's gardens, a saucer balanced in one hand and a teacup lightly captured in the other. It's about as close to contentment as Kimlasca's monarch ever gets around here, and Lorelei help anyone who breaks this fragile moment of calm.]

[If anyone should be stupid - or confident - enough to approach, he'll mutter under his breath and turn an eye sharply in their direction.]

I'm not taking any audiences today.

[So get lost, or he might be inclined to beat you over the head with his cane.]
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[ Another redhead for your torturing pleasure. Luke just... appeared face-down on the ground outside. He was unconscious, battered, and dirty with torn clothes. It seemed like he'd just been in a huge fight and lost. His left hand was still on top of a gun, a sawn-off shotgun that looked like something Kimlasca might have used in their armies. His clothes were different, black clothing with a white coat around him, much more rugged travel clothing. Though at the moment, they were torn almost beyond recognition. ]

[ Was that a small, red, feathered wing poking through a torn slit in the back? ... Maybe you can kick Luke awake. ]

[[ OOC: So uh, I used to roleplay on the LJ ADR, but it's been a while. I hope I can still play redheads decently. This one's an AU!Luke from the Wild ARMs 3 universe. Don't worry if you don't know the game -- hardly anyone does. Basically, he uses a gun now, though he still has a sword. Guns are just more useful on Filgaia (Wild ARMs 3 world).

EDIT: I am horribly late with tags. I'm sorry. When I do get the chance to tag, though, I usually tag back right away. Just warning you. ]]
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[He is unsure of just how he got into this predicament. Where exactly is here? His eyes are narrowed as he gazes at the small buildings, shops, and houses. They seemed to be occupied, however quiet the town may be. A hand rests on his hip as he ponders the thought of going any further. There is no telling how peaceful the residents are, considering he knows nothing about this place. A sigh escapes his lips. There is only one way to find out, right? Considering the foes he has defeated and the tasks he has completed up to this point, he has a faintest idea that he could take any... hostilities this town has to throw at him. Be them big or small.

He is then brought back to the thoughts of what led to his return to a certain field on a certain starry night. The final battle... then the creation of who he is, now. When he and Asch finally merged... He finally became the real Luke fon Fabre. It was not, however, that the replica had taken in Asch. Oh no. The original Luke fon Fabre took in the replica. So, in a sense, the final product was nothing more than "Asch" with both he and replica Luke's feelings and memories. The most strange part was that Luke's memories and feelings were the ones that stood out more. After all, this final product called himself "Luke". Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Asch had been dead when the two of them merged? It would make more sense that way.

Luke unfortunately has no idea why things are the way they are. He just... is, in the way that things just... are.

Another sigh escapes his lips. He may as well just go on in, right?

With that, he begins walking into the town. Once inside, he smiles. This place is definitely odd, with a sense that there is something dangerous lurking nearby. Other than that, though, it is a bit peaceful.

Heh, guess I should find out who lives here...

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Silence. Not even the sound of birds chirping.

He has never seen a place such as this. Empty, no signs of so much as animals. He pauses in his steps to look around. He is more than confused, at this point. If this is where death brings you, he will be more than surprised. This is nothing like what he imagined. Green hues carefully search the area for a moment as he silently ponders. He takes in a deep breath and begins walking, once more. He eventually comes to what appears to be a town. He still has yet to see anyone. He is starting to worry that he is the only person here.

He can feel frustration building. Finally, a loud groan escapes his lips and he shouts (not too loudly-only those within ten or twenty feet would hear it!).

"Where the hell am I?!"

One: Alter

Sunday, May 5th, 2013 12:21 am
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[The wetness suited his mood, threatening to rinse everything away, even the very colors of life itself.

He would have been fine with that. Letting the water rinse the crimson from the hair on his head, letting it pool on the ground like the blood that should be mingling with it. Somehow, he was alive. He also knew that he had finally released his destiny, forced Luke to take the reigns as Luke fon Fabre, while the ashes of the Sacred Flame diminished and vanished in the wind. He had no idea what had happened after he put his trust into the replica with his dying breaths, didn't know what fate had befallen the world, or more importantly, Natalia.

He knew this was not home though. He also knew that as long as he still breathed, he had a promise to fulfill. If this was the afterlife, it was terrible, but even if it was he'd slash his way through it and take hold of whatever he needed to answer that promise, just as she knew he would.

Until then...he needed three things; food, shelter, and a weapon. He could do without the third for a time, as he was a fonist, but the first two were priority as he felt the pangs of hunger rise, and the fatigue of sleep pulling at him, attempting to command him to meet these needs.

I guess dying works up an appetite. [More of a grunt than words. Shoving his bangs up and aside to not blind him, Asch started walking, curious about the streets he now walked.]

Classic adventure mode!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 05:24 pm
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[Whatever one may be doing, being reading the paper or perhaps working on a chore, if the activity isn't too loud you may be about to hear something in particular. A loud scream of utter horror rings out from one of the open kitchens around town.

Dare you take a peek to see what's wrong, perhaps save a damsel that may even be in distress!?
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[While having been here only long enough to know it wasn't home, Sync was far, far from pleased. He had a lot of duties he needed to get back to, and at least three people had seemed shocked to death before running away that he wasn't a little kid anymore.

No, this Sync was an adult of 20, and garbed in some very nice ceremonial robes with a talbard and necklace that only meant he could be the Fon Master, through some strange twist of fate, apparently. He hadn't gotten any quality conversation as most people had run away to avoid him, or threatened him till he left, and he was frankly done with everyone here unless they could show a shred of common sense and decency. He was currently sitting on the edge of a fountain wondering if this was just some strange dream brought on by too many arguments with the Maestros and he was stressed to the point of mental illness.
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[Anyone working the graveyard shift or otherwise skulking about may notice a brief flicker passing across the library windows. That's because this sanctum of knowledge has a late-night visitor who has taken great pains to choose an hour when the vicinity should have been vacated.]

[Inside, Asch tucks his lantern into a recess in the wall to partially contain the puddle of light now draping across multiple shelves and sets to work. He's never been allowed an opportunity to thoroughly research this particular subject before - certainly, it's not something Asch would read in the company of others. But now that he's been afforded some privacy, he sees absolutely no reason to continue putting it off. It's not as if he's ashamed or anything.]

[When he finally locates the section in question, Asch pulls down the first hopeful-looking title he comes across and flips it open. In fact, within a few minutes he has browsed several volumes and moved on to reviewing a list of what appear to be symptoms:]
  • Food Aversion
  • Dizziness & Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Mood Swings
  • Headaches & Back Pain
  • Constipation
  • Missed Menstrual Period

  • [...And so on. The rest of which clearly do not apply to him.]

    [One may also find him asleep at a study table bright and early the next morning. It's clear he dozed off while reading, as a two-page spread currently serves as an unintentional head pillow.]

    ACT I.

    Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 12:03 pm
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    [Come one, come all!]

    [In the middle of the square, a gaudy canvas tent has been set up in vivid hues of pink, orange, green, and purple. At each post, balloons bob in the breeze. One flap is pulled aside, creating a shadowy mouth, while the rest of the tent walls are littered with flyers advertising tomorrow night's show and various other services - matchmaking, in particular, seems to be a favorite, but also favors, horoscopes, financial advice, tailoring. The works.]

    [Many such flyers have been pasted onto walls and poles for good measure (there's only so much room on the tent itself, after all!) and still more can be found tucked into mailboxes and under doors, or wind-skittering along the streets.]

    [Beside the entrance, a lone female can be found, heavily rouged and scantily dressed. She doesn't call out to or pester passers-by, but with one hand she opens and closes a small compact, sounding off a persistent clak-clak-clak.]

    [Ladies and gentlemen, the leading lady is in. What can she do for you today?]


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