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[Fourth Proclamation] Review List of Prohibited Books.

[Anyone working the graveyard shift or otherwise skulking about may notice a brief flicker passing across the library windows. That's because this sanctum of knowledge has a late-night visitor who has taken great pains to choose an hour when the vicinity should have been vacated.]

[Inside, Asch tucks his lantern into a recess in the wall to partially contain the puddle of light now draping across multiple shelves and sets to work. He's never been allowed an opportunity to thoroughly research this particular subject before - certainly, it's not something Asch would read in the company of others. But now that he's been afforded some privacy, he sees absolutely no reason to continue putting it off. It's not as if he's ashamed or anything.]

[When he finally locates the section in question, Asch pulls down the first hopeful-looking title he comes across and flips it open. In fact, within a few minutes he has browsed several volumes and moved on to reviewing a list of what appear to be symptoms:]
  • Food Aversion
  • Dizziness & Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Mood Swings
  • Headaches & Back Pain
  • Constipation
  • Missed Menstrual Period

  • [...And so on. The rest of which clearly do not apply to him.]

    [One may also find him asleep at a study table bright and early the next morning. It's clear he dozed off while reading, as a two-page spread currently serves as an unintentional head pillow.]
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    [What was that bit about her respecting his privacy? He should know a king has none, thus when he least expects it of course she'd be there.

    He has a lot of secrets and quite frankly, she's always been a nosy person, it's just in her nature. She knew where he'd go, especially at a rather unkind hour, she just had to play a bit of a waiting game before coming behind him.

    Sneaking into the library was a breeze, she had kept to the darkest shadows, carefully making her way around to him. But she didn't have to creep for long, apparently he was fast asleep. After a moment she came out with a soft frown, curiously peeking at what he had been reading.

    And my what a surprise she had come upon...A pretty weird one in fact. Anise frown grew as she read a few words on some of the pages he was sleeping on.

    Expecting a baby perhaps? ...This was odd research considering how his queen wasn't even with him.
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    [After a moment, she couldn't help a soft smile. Imagining him and Natalia with a was rather cute. She couldn't help but wish that is queen was here with him, and not for selfish reasons of more company either.

    Anise reached over to the lamp, turning the flame down so there was just enough light to see for if and when the man woke up.

    She took one more look at his sleeping face before grinning to herself, it's too bad she didn't have a camera, otherwise she's have the perfect black mail. Shrugging her shoulders she quietly made her way to the exit, she didn't mind letting the man rest hopefully peacefully in the library.

    ((ooc: alt action would be her slamming down the largest book before running out of the library laughing.))
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    ((ooc: ...You know it'd be funny...))

    [Freezing in the doorway, the puppeteer turned around with a brow raised.]

    Well if you want company all you have to do is ask.

    [Her tone was light and playful, but she was just feeling the situation right now. She wasn't stupid enough to drop her guard completely, but she would attempt to seem as harmless as possible. Perhaps she wouldn't get into any trouble with him?]

    You just seemed busy is all~♪
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    [Dread slowly drained through her as he commanded her away from the door. It was all about the act of confidence now, not that she didn't know how to handle a surprise attack.

    Shrugging her shoulders, gently tugging the heavy door closed behind her before taking a few steps forward.

    And what would you have me down now?
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    [Well...That wasn't so bad of a question. But she knew she wasn't out of hot water so soon, even if he was talking...well like normal to her. Out of everything, that was the most unnatural part of this.]

    Only you sleeping on some books. You must have been reading something pretty boring to do that, hm?

    [Slowly Anise started walking again, heading towards the faint light that she had left on for him.]
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    [Of course she's going to keep going, all the way until she makes it back to the table he was sleeping on. She's not going too fast, just idly walking over so there is time to intersect if need be.]

    If the library is closed then why are the doors unlocked~? I was coming her to do a little bit of late night research, the inspiration bite me when I least expected it.

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    [After being stuck in this strange town for a few days, Tear has started to look around to fully become accustomed to how things worked. It was strange to think that she was no longer on Auldrant, that she wouldn't wake up the next day and Luke would be at her side, off to fight another battle to save the world.

    She carefully wandered through the library, calmed by the silence and the smell of old books. It was while she was walking down one particular row of books that she saw the dark-red hair that signified the grumpy former God-General.]

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    [She's unused to the rumpled appearance of the redhead, but the disdain and bad attitude is something she can deal with.]

    Well, I was curious as to how you were doing and why you were sleeping in the library.
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    [Yep, same old Asch, regardless of where he was. Not that they'd ever really disagreed, except where Luke was concerned.]

    I'm trying to learn more about this town. I've been here a few days and I still don't know much about it.

    What are you researching? [She's trying to see what book you're trying to hide, Asch. Covertly though.]
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    [Nope, she's new and she doesn't know a thing about what really happens during the trip on Eldrant. She was going to go there before she was kidnapped to this strange world.]

    Well, I don't know anything, really. The only thing I've found out is that it can take people from Auldrant at any point of time, even multiple realities, and throws them here. I think that Noir called it a tossed salad effect?

    [Asch is perfectly able to speak to others, so long as Luke isn't involved. Tear has managed to have conversations with him. Albeit reluctantly.]

    Herbal medicines? That appears to be a parenting book. Are you and Natalia expecting?
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    [She watches him very carefully. He's as bad as Luke at keeping things off of his face. Or maybe it's because she can read Luke and could nearly always read Van that she's able to read Asch so well...]

    I'm still unsure how I got here, but I've tried everything I can think of to go home. I have no plans to stop looking for a way to return to Auldrant, but I won't let that consume me.

    [And, you know, Tear's pretty smart. You and Natalia are so obviously still into each other. It's a reasonable assumption.]

    Of course. I wouldn't go around telling anyone your personal business.
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    [Asch has never intimidated Tear, so his look is swiftly ignored. She'd keep the information quiet out of deference to her friend.] Is she doing well? I would like to see her, if you think it wouldn't be too much for her.

    [She gives him a tiny smile.] It's nice to hear that you think I'm an able fonist, Asch. Who are the people of this group?


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