lightfabre: (Lost my way.)
Luke fon Fabre ([personal profile] lightfabre) wrote in [community profile] abyssdressing2013-05-28 04:24 pm

possible afterlife [warning: spoiler alert for those that haven't finished!]

Silence. Not even the sound of birds chirping.

He has never seen a place such as this. Empty, no signs of so much as animals. He pauses in his steps to look around. He is more than confused, at this point. If this is where death brings you, he will be more than surprised. This is nothing like what he imagined. Green hues carefully search the area for a moment as he silently ponders. He takes in a deep breath and begins walking, once more. He eventually comes to what appears to be a town. He still has yet to see anyone. He is starting to worry that he is the only person here.

He can feel frustration building. Finally, a loud groan escapes his lips and he shouts (not too loudly-only those within ten or twenty feet would hear it!).

"Where the hell am I?!"

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