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[Anise was busy setting up what could only be described as something fabulous for a certain occasion today. Silver and gold streamers decorated the edge of a Malkuth blue table cloth. Rainbow confetti bits decorated all around a cake stand that held a giant white cake. The boarder and letters were in black and happened to say a very special message to a certain person.

"Happy Birthday Colonel!

You're turning ancient♥

In the middle of the message stood a gravestone candle saying R.I.P., seems someone thinks she's funny today while trying to celebrate Jade's birthday. Regardless of her humor, she apparently is expecting a lot of people to have cake. 

Come enjoy some whether or not you're the birthday boy~?

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Oh dear.

It seems I'll have to be put in a museum soon. [How sweet of her to think of him so. While most might have gotten upset at her joke, Jade always appreciates clever wit, and this played on the fact he already referred to himself as old.]

You've outdone yourself~

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I have no choice, I think~

[He kneels down for her to get it and place it on his head. After all, who else doted on him as much as she? This silly little girl he'd gone and...Well.]

Just make sure it isn't too tight.

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[Oops. A slip of the tongue~

Jade rises, and has to trust her judgement. He certainly felt a bit girly wearing it, but didn't mind for the one day. He smiled softly at the mention of a birthday wish.

Certainly, Anise~ I already know exactly what to wish for, too♥

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[Of course.

The Colonel waited patiently for her to finish, and as she stepped away, he did take a moment to admire the cake, and the candle. She was very good with cooking of any sort and he did enjoy the chance to get any for himself.

Blowing on the candle to extinguish it, he smiled and turned to the young girl.

Oh my~ I seem to have gotten my wish already.

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[In response, Jade left it at a small chuckle. He'd never tell. Well, forks, he supposed, where something she'd forgotten. At least the gloves were washable. He picked up the piece after she offered it and took a small bite.]

This might take a second opinion. [He took another bite.]

Mm. [a third] Hmm. [four]

Well, Anise... [five] I must say. [six] It's quite-- [seven] --Adequate.