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[Spring is about to be sprung, so what does any soldier off duty like to do?]

[Go skinny dipping, of course, and that's exactly what Lucato is doing right now. Not that you can really tell, since he's keeping his lower half under water (and he's not stupid enough to wrap a towel around his head). Anyone looking, however, would see that his wet clothes are spread out among the nearby branches.]

[Hey, he had to wash his clothes first.]

[Either way, have a naked Cotton Candy Junior, taking a much needed swim. Enjoy.]
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[Yes, there are quite a few Lukes around. They're easy to spot: red hair, derptastic, rich clothes, ect. Unfortunately, this particular "Luke" only has one of those covered, that being an absolute derp. This one, interestingly enough, is wearing a Malkuth lieutenant's uniform... and has pink hair.]

Father? Colonel Curtiss? C'mon, this isn't funny anymore!

[And like most newcomers... he has no idea what the hell is going on. Have fun!]

[[ooc: So, yes, another Bleach/Abyss crossover Luke. This one was raised by Szayel after he was saved from Hell by Lorelei. They ended up in Malkuth where Szayel eventually joined the army and became bffs with Jade. The world promptly ends. Lucato (as Szayel names him) follows in papaspada's shoes. So, enjoy the wtfness that is to ensue.]]


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