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Welcome, inhabitants and visitors! Whether you are familiar with this land or just getting acquainted, your friendly neighborhood nexus might give off the impression of having shifted recently. Fallen limbs here, a few tipped chairs there. Nothing to worry about!

And why should you fret when there's a party going on? The sudden appearance of streamers and balloons and buffet tables loaded down with delectable goodies might be a touch disconcerting for some, but there they are! Just waiting for you to dig in and have a good time! There can't be any harm in kicking back to relax for a while, right?


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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 11:27 pm
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[It had been about midday as Anise was hanging below a tree in the back of the hotel where she stayed. She had just brought in her laundry, and had taken to relaxing outside for a moment or two, a sketchbook and a bit of charcoal propped on her lap. Th first drawings were just of flowers and hearts, then a few pictures of Tokunaga...her friends...and finally, her parents. The sketch of her parents was the most carefully drawn. Anise wasn't a marvelous artist, and they were just doodles, but she put a bit of extra detail into the portrait of her parents.

How long had it been, since she came here? Came back here? Months...she'd been without her family for months now, and it was starting to really hit her. Hard. Almost like a--


Anise let out a terrified scream at the crash from up above - thunder - and immediately dropped her things, rushing inside as the rain seemed to fall in sheets in just a few seconds. She must not have noticed the storm clouds rolling in, too focused on her drawing and her thoughts. Even just a few meters from the hotel, running as fast as she could and hurtling herself inside, and Anise was partially drenched. Worst of all, she left her inn key outside, and her sketchbook as well. Her drawing must be ruined by now...

She curled up in a large, plush chair in the hotel lobby, by a window, watching the rain and flinching each time a streak of lightning or thunder boomed overhead. She'd always been afraid of storms like this. And she'd always had her parents to run to when it got too scary. She could remember when she was little, living in the slums, and the rain would pound on their tiny house...but her parents would always hold her, and her mama would always sing to her. Sometimes even her papa, too, the littler parts.

So as she curled up in the blanket a maid gave to her out of pity and just the goodness of her heart, Anise began to sing, her voice soft and hoarse at first, but growing in strength as she went on. Now, Anise wasn't anywhere near the level of a professional, like Tear, maybe, but this was her song. Her lullaby, and she knew the tune, the lyrics, everything. And she could even match her mama's voice, somewhat.]

Little child, be not afraid,
The rain pounds harsh against the glass,
Like an unwanted stranger,
There is no danger,
I am here tonight...

Little child, be not afraid,
Though thunder explodes and lightning flash
Your tear-stained face,
I am here tonight...

[She doesn't pay attention to anything else, just her song and the rain, her eyes becoming filled and wet with tears, dripping down her cheeks and getting lost in her hair or the blanket. She hadn't ever had the time to be homesick, or dwell on the fact that her mother and father aren't here, and that she doesn't know if and when she'll ever see them again, but now...well, now was good enough time as any to actually be a kid, and miss her mama and papa.]

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Saturday, March 12th, 2011 01:54 pm
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[This place? Yeah, this one right here. The one Anise was trapped in?

It sucks.

One month had nearly passed since that stupid gas messed up her state of mind, yet Anise still couldn't shake it off. She had kissed and confessed her love to not one, not two, but four people! Uugh, and one of them was Asch, of all things...she'd be sure to punch the next one she saw in the mouth once she felt less awkward. Luke, too. B| The Colonel, she'll from. You can't punch Jade Motherfucking Curtiss. You can try, but it just. Yeah. No.

But that wasn't even the worst part. Those three she could feel remorse and awkwardly uncomfortable for doing things against her usual state of mind to. The last one...Noct, right? Well, strangely, whenever Anise thought of him, her heart began to pound. At first, Anise passed it off as remnants of that crazy powder gas...stuff, but a month later? A MONTH?! Why would she feel so breathless over someone she didn't even know?! And a practical mirror image of Sync to boot!

Sure, she felt bad Sync had to die, considering how his life seemed just tormented and awful and filled with bitterness, but Anise still didn't want anyone else to die. There was too much of it along their journey and she couldn't take it anymore. Even so, she never actually felt anything more than pity for Sync, and now she was actually considering what she said and did with someone who looked just like him?

Hate. This. Place. So much. Yes.

Regardless, what with spring rolling along in full force, and the weather being as obnoxiously warm was it was today, Anise had decided to head toward where it looked almost like Grand Chokmah, back home. She removed her Fon Master Guardian's tabard, shoes, gloves, and stockings as she splashed her feet in the cool water off one of the docks. She had to clear her head a little, and out here, where not too many people passed by, it was good. And the water felt good, too.

Sighing, Anise kicked the water angrily when a repulsive thought crossed her mind: "It's because he looks like Ion, isn't it?" She kicked the water again, then just flopped back on the dock and sulked.

Yup, this place just sucked. Hard.]

- 13

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 01:37 am
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[Okay, this place? Officially weird. Aside of bringing people back from the dead it did give her a chance to reunite with the two redheads that she missed (one a bit more than the other), though Luke wasn't really Luke... Even now, Anise couldn't believe this was anything more than some kind of crazy dream. But she had fallen asleep here, had her usual nightmares and woken up crying and hugging her precious doll, longing for her parents' comforting words and arms, here so how could it be a dream? She should have woken up already.

That's when Anise decided that, fine, if this place was reality, then she's going home. She has more than enough gald to get a ferry back to Daath! Plus, her parents must be worried, and the Order's not going to reform itself! She had a job to do once she got back. The question was...where the heck was the harbor?

Far outside the city's limits Anise traveled, guarded against the cold with much warmer clothing and a thick cloak as well. It was snowing, and coming down fairly heavily, but Anise kept going. Problem is, she didn't exactly know where she was going, and monsters seemed to be crawling around, getting steadily tougher the farther she ventured out. Still, she and Tokunaga managed to squash all of them, though now she was officially drained, and her plush needed a few tears stitched up, too.

As the little Guardian stopped to do just that, under a large tree, a hideous snarl rips through the silence of the snowfall. That sounded way too close for comfort, too. As she turns to face her foe - a Jabberwock - she's knocked off her feet by the beast as it swings a paw at her. She lands hard, but that's not what makes her cry out. It's the long, sharp teeth digging into her leg that do.]

AAH, YOU HAIRY SON OF A--! I'll skin you and sell you back in Daath!! Bloody Howling!

[The arte connects dead center, and the Jabberwock screams with pain, releasing the girl's leg before the damage became too great. Anise hobbled away painfully, making a mad dash to where her dolly fell in the snow...with the large creature bounding furiously after her.

Fuck my life.]

[OOC: Oh, right, before I forget! Anise here has been reset. She's now post Eldrant, but pre Luke returning. A little more than 10 months after Lorelei was freed and stuff. So, yeah, she obviously doesn't remember anything or anyone. Though that's likely to change because I'm easily enabled. >3>;]


Saturday, October 30th, 2010 09:32 pm
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[Anise should have known something was off when she woke up and her house was oddly decorated with fake spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, and hanging ghosts. She didn't really mind it, though, since it was harmless and kind of cute looking. However, the moment she stepped out the door, Anise felt a dramatic change. She was now decked out in a long, frilly wedding gown, complete with veil and light heels. Her hair was tied up in a gorgeous updo as well. Even Tokunaga had his own little white tuxedo to match!

At first, Anise squealed in delight for the first few minutes - I mean, it was gorgeous - but after a while of finding out how hard it was to walk around, and that she couldn't TAKE IT OFF, got a bit embarrassing. She couldn't even go get groceries and stuff! A-And even if it was super, duper pretty - and she always wanted a dress like this - it wasn't fun when she could barely walk without her feet hurting.

So now, with her veil over her eyes, Anise was swinging back and forth from a rope swing. Hopefully, no one she knew would see or recognize her like this. Or, if they did, she could play it off and do some epic flirting. Hm, maybe she could even bag a husband!]

...Boo, no way.

[And she tosses her bouquet over her shoulder. Hopefully she didn't hit you in the face.]

-- 011

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 12:07 am
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And what do people do in autumn? They rake leaves. BUT THAT'S FOR UNCOOL PEOPLE. And Anise is definitely not uncool. So, she got Tokunaga to bunch up a huge pile of leaves outside the plaza where she went shopping for various foodstuffs and warmer clothing and is proceeding to climb a tree to dive right into it.

She grins broadly from her perch on the low branch, looking down at the huge pile, before she springs, calling out an attack name just for the hell of it. She is so mature I can't even.]

Eagle Dive!

[With a soft ploff! Anise lands in the leaves and giggles loudly and happily. Her hair, which was cut by PRICKFACE!LUKE, was grown out a good deal by now, and was held aloft in her two bouncy pigtails. It was still much shorter than usual, and kind of uneven, but she didn't mind much. She was just happy to have her pigtails back! And to be having a moment of calm and happiness.

Sure, she had things to do, stuff to make, etc., but...responsibilities are not Anise's strong point. Not when there were fun things like Leaves to jump around in!

Oh, and if she know you, and isn't terrified of you, she will be dragging you over to play.

Resistance is futile. 8) ♥]
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[You know, it's been a long time since Anise had been away from Tokunaga. And now, months later, she'd been reunited with her precious doll thanks to [ profile] engelgefallen returning him for her. Perhaps it was just the fact of having him back after so long that kept her from actually seeing if he functioned like she remembered, but today Anise can be found tromping through the streets on her massive dolly, testing his mobility and response to her fonslots.

Everything checked out fine there, which was awesome.

As she and Tokunaga left the city limits, she found a good, clear spot a short walk away from the city to test how her manages in a battle. He was still her weapon as well as her plush and best friend. So, anyone who follows the destructive sounds of crashing outside the city's limits can see Anise atop Tokunaga, testing various artes and even FOF changes.

She steps into one FOF circle, and powers up, Tokunaga gathering fonons into one of his massive plush paws. Liking what she feels, Anise cries out the attack name--]

Fatal punch!
Stone Dragon Ascent!

[Tokunaga drags his fist up in a brilliant uppercut, soaring up a few feet, the ground splitting and hefting up blasts of fonons and even some rock from the sheer force of her arte. Looks like Tokunaga checked out A-okay as her snuggly buddy and her super powered attack puppet.

Grinning, the girl hugged her doll, snuggling her face happily into his soft, squishy head. She really missed him.]

- 009

Thursday, June 24th, 2010 01:20 am
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[The sun overhead was blazing today, probably one of the hottest days in this strange place so far. Even so, the shade of a large oak is a good enough spot to rest. And it just so happens there was a big oak tree in the backyard of one of the many little cottages of this strange world.

After having hung her laundry to dry - a familiar pink dress, stockings, and white tabard - a young girl takes refuge from the heat in the shade, panting slightly. She wore loose shorts and a pink top and didn't even bother with shoes. The grass was cool under her feet; it felt good. Atop her head was a white hat, fashioned much like a beanie, but with cat ears.

A sketchpad was propped against her bent legs as she leaned her back against the trunk of the tree, drawing childish doodles with a bit of charcoal she found in one of the shops. At her side was a stuffed puppy.

Every now and then, she'd sigh, look up and around for a few minutes, then droop and go back to her drawings.]


Friday, April 30th, 2010 07:36 pm
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[Well! It's a wonderful day, oh yes~ The weather was warm and lightly breezy, and Anise finally had her voice back after those horrible events on Valentines day. Even that ugly scar on her neck was but a distant memory. So~? How is a pigtailed munchkin to celebrate such a wonderful event?

By doing what she does best, of course! Anise is down in the kitchens with an array of foods, cooking. For who? Whoever! Who cares?! Free food! A mess of dishes and ingredients - including eggs, flour, chicken, tomatoes, strawberries of course~, and other things lined the shelves while the finished dishes, those being simple cream pies and fruit cups, were laid out nicely for people to enjoy if they so desired. Her new stuffed puppy was placed there to guard them, but far away enough so that she couldn't sneak a bite. ...Fine, Anise just doesn't want her to get dirty.

Oh! And what's a free dinner without a bit of a show~? ♥ Anise has her bright, pink iPod that she pillaged from one of the surrounding shops buried in her pocket, earbuds in her ears as she swings her hips and sings, loudly, while stirring a chocolaty mixture in a large bowl. Anyone passing by is sure to hear her, though she's wholly unaware.]

Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya! Oh la, la-la~!

[Please, feel free to come in and a.) make fun of her as she shakes her butt, b.) grab a bite to eat, it's delicious and she's taking requests, c.) aww at how utterly adorable this is - YOU CAN'T DENY IT, d.) throw food at her and expect all out pandemonium to break loose. |Db]

[OOC: I told myself I wouldn't, but I need this. @__@ To preserve my sanity. I'm still on...slight epic slow/hiatus for finals, but today is my day to roleplay. After that, Saturday through this coming Friday will be dedicated to just SCHOOLWORK, though I maaay throw in a tag sparingly. Sorry, folks, take what you can for now.]
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[Trotting along through the village is a very familiar looking doll. It's Tokunaga, complete with passenger. However...something seems definitely off about both. For one thing, the giant stuffy is wear a black hood over his head, shadowing his button eyes and making his Cheshire cat grin all the more spooky. He's also sporting an odd heart pattern painted in red on his tummy. Secondly, he's dragging a large, heavy axe along behind him. And third...he's singing, even though his face retains it's usual forever grinning look that could make grown men wet themselves.]

Painting the roses red~
We're painting the roses red!
We dare not stop,
Or waste a drop,
So let the paint be spread~
We're painting the roses red~
We're painting the roses red!

[As he goes on, his passenger remains...oddly silent, and strangely hidden. Anise is riding him backwards, holding to one of his ears with one hand while the other is holding a bright red parasol with black trim. The symbol on the parasol looks a heart growing out of a rose, with a crown on top. It was bold and black, standing out against the bright red. The girl was also wearing a ruffly red gown, that looked like something royalty might wear. The ruffles were white, and the gown had black as well as white and gold trim. There were many hearts incorporated in said trim.

Her face hidden in the shadow of her parasol, Anise rides along on her walking, talking dolly, who's singing merrily, that grin large and almost more frightening than usual. Both passenger and taxi give off a strange dark aura.

Something is definitely amiss. ...Perhaps they've gone mad?

Ah, but...we're all mad here~ ♥]

[OOC: Make way for the Queen of Hearts! ...No, seriously, you better get the hell out of Anise's way if executioner!Tokunaga tells you to. You piss Anise off, and it's "off with your head". Friends, foes, acquaintances...anyone is subject to the Queen's wrath. This is also a kindasorta placeholder until tomorrow-ish. It's close to 4am, and I haven't done my homework for Monday yet, derp. orz]


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