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[ So here's another redhead because we obviously don't have enough of them, walking around with a notebook in his hands. Open. Reading. Let me repeat. There is a Luke fon Fabre walking around, READING. ]

[ Yup, another sign of the apocalypse. In any case, he's only barely watching where he's going, focused more on the handwritten notebook than anything else. ]

Asch's handwriting is a lot neater than mine...

[ So if you'd like to stop him on the way and ask him if he's gone nuts for cracking open a book, great! (And by stop, I mean Luke literally running into you because he's totally not paying attention.) If not, he'll be ending up at the inn, knocking on [ profile] ashen_knight door. He has to speak with him. ]
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[It's been a while since you've seen this derp around, hasn't it? And he's been rather upset due to finding out unfortunate information... BUT!]

[That's all going to change for the moment. Somehow, Luke has found his way from his separate cot into the bed that [ profile] ashen_knight was sleeping in. No, not sleepwalking. And he's wearing a rather lovely outfit, complete with chest padding. He's just waking up and sitting up to stretch. Aah, that was a good sleep. ...]

[... Luke just stared down at the dress and screamed. WHO THE HELL DID THIS?! Thankfully, he didn't see who he was now handcuffed to. ... Yet, that is.]

[Happy Halloween, guys. 8Db]

[[OOC: You get to tag either Fonic or Ashen or both! 8Db And... encounter them outside the inn or something, because their inn room is locked, obv.]]

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Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 10:48 pm
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[This one is far from a new face, but quite different from your usual Lukes. For one, he's dressed in elegant robes, reminiscent of the Order of Lorelei's clothing. He looks to be a bit older, probably in his early twenties, and with a more mature gaze.]

[Luke's looking around in confusion, broadsword in hand.] Ion... Where have you gone? Has this planet now forsaken me...?

[And the other major difference: he spoke only Ancient Ispanian.]

[Welcome the Luke from 2000 years ago--during the Fonic War.]

OOC: Haha, so this was spawned by the line in the game where Jade says something to the effect of, "You probably feel Ion is familiar because you knew him in a past life. It's more logical than replicas being able to recognize one another." (Paraphrased. orz) I'M SORRY. AS IF WE NEED MORE LUKES.


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