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[It was strange, the way time seemed to pass in this world. A person could wander in an out of it for a mere instant of their life, and a whole year will have passed here. And though Ion's been through far more than an instant, it's been over a year since he last stumbled through this town. Normally Ion avoided towns. They weren't safe. He could be recognized, and rumors could spread, leading to him being discovered. But this was a special circumstance.]

[There had been no reasoning with her. He'd been a fool to even try... the Anise he had known and loved was gone, her mind too warped by her own guilt and sins to even hear his words. He had left the encounter... enlightened, in a sense. He knew now what his purpose was. His reason for being born... no, reborn in the body of another replica. He was the only one who could put a stop to her. The only one who could free her from her insanity.]

[The only one who could kill her.]

[He brings a hand to his mouth and coughs, doubling over onto his knees. He couldn't do it. He couldn't kill her. She was Anise! How could he possibly bring himself to hurt her when she was already in so much pain? Was it the right thing to do? Or was it wrong? Then what was right? He didn't know.]

[All he knew now was that unless he could find a place to stay and tend to his injuries, he wouldn't last long enough to find out. Drops of blood stained his fingers as he coughed. He didn't even have the strength to attempt to heal himself right now, but he had to keep moving...!]

[[ooc: Hello ADR! This Ion's AU information can be found here! It's been a year since I've thrown him in here and his situation hasn't been looking any brighter. Somebody wanna help the little replica out?]]


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[Despite being in a place he's never seen before, Ion seems rather relaxed. Perhaps not being able to recognize anything means he's finally gotten far enough away? Not that he had any plans on letting his guard down, of course. He still needed to be careful... and he needed to get a coat. The poor thing was dressed in just his usual robes and a thin brown cloak! At this rate, he'd wind up freezing to death before she had a chance to find him first.]

[Unfortuntely, he seems to be wandering in the wrong direction. Town is the other way! Not that he would know, having only just arrived. Right now, he's just hoping for some kind of shelter to stay in for the night, oblivious to the fact that there's a perfectly good town nearby at all.]

[ooc: He may look like the real deal, but there's something a little different about this Ion! Hopefully someone can lead him in the right direction~]


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