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Friday, September 16th, 2011 08:21 pm
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[Outside and on top of a hill is [Bad username or site: ashen-knight title= @ livejournal.com] and the little replica he took under his wing. After some playing (playing meaning Luke dragging Asch around and making him play), the two are pretty tired, and so Asch is asleep on the grass with Luke by one side and sword on the other, just in case anyone tries to disturb them.

Luke, however, is not all that tired. After about twenty minutes, he wakes up, looks at Asch... then smiles and quietly scoots away, until he can stand and wander away without disturbing him.

His definition of wandering away seems to be spotting flowers at the bottom of the hill and getting down on his hands and knees to roll down the slope towards them, giggling and laughing all the way. Once he reaches the bottom, he's right near the flowers! And with them in such close proximity, Luke starts to pick them and bundle them up in one fist. He doesn't know how to make flower crowns, but they are quite pretty, and he'd like to give them to his self-appointed big brother.

Of course, if anyone wanders his way, he'd be happy to give one of them to you, too.]

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Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 04:26 pm
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[Sup, residents of the dressing room? If you're out and wandering today, you may find one(1) bitty replica doing the same thing as you. He has escaped from the inn via someone leaving the door open, and he's decided to explore and see everything for himself. Of course, he has no idea what kind of dangers he might get into or the stress he might cause. Luke's just interested in getting out of that inn and seeing what there is to see on his own.

The boy can walk, though a little awkwardly, and he'll try climbing up on benches and play balancing games with himself. Once that gets boring, he'll jump off of there and land on his feet, though fall to his hands and knees. Asch taught him not to cry over such useless things, though, so he stands and is off again, completely ignoring the grass stains on his pants. Next, he'll bend down near the side of the trail, where a bunch of pebbles lay. He turns them over in his hands a few times, then... puts them in his mouth. Huh... They don't really taste like much of anything, but the texture is pretty interesting.

Feel free to catch him at either of these times!]

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Monday, February 21st, 2011 04:58 pm
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[Today, Abyss DR, you'll find one small child plopped down in the middle of a pathway. He blinks and squints in the sudden sunlight, then turns his head away to try and block it out, not realizing that raising your hand to do so would accomplish the same thing. Once he dares to open his eyes again...

He looks confused, then scared. Of course, he's not sure what that uncomfortable feeling is that seizes his chest and makes the beating in it increase its speed, but he knows that it's unpleasant, and it makes him want to get away from whatever's causing it.

Where was he, anyway? This was bright with colors and shapes he's never seen before, not the dark, muted walls of the castle. He shouldn't be here, right? He was told to wait. Well... dropped to the floor and continuously pushed down every time he tried to follow that man until he got the message, anyway. But that message still rings clear - he needed to stay there. And he's not there anymore.

So, he's going to try to scoot and drag his way to a space between two buildings. It doesn't look as bright, so it's practically the same thing, right? Still... where was he?]

[[OOC: Hi everyone! Luke is as new as I am to this place, and not only that, but he's only about... oh, an hour or two old. Have fun with that!]]


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