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Thursday, August 18th, 2011 09:12 am
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[OOC: Continuation from here. If this isn't okay, let me know and I'll take it down. |Db]

[Asch smirks again, the corners of his lips pulling up in amusement. Why was it so terribly fun to tease Natalia? She was so...so cute when she was all huffy like this. He moves away from her after giving her a brief and affectionate little squeeze, going to inspect what she was working on out of curiosity.]

You're not the only one...I have to sleep with you. [But, before she gets too upset (gotta love mood swings)--] I guess I should be glad you're still you.
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[sup guys. there is a wild natalia in a field near whatever hospital this place has, setting up a target. her bow and arrow are resting on a log, and as the wind picks up, she tucks a stray gold curl behind her ear, eyes narrowed in concentration. usually she had her targets set up for her..but no, she's going to do this herself. not hard to do, she moves around, fiddling with it until it looks adequate enough.

hands on her hips, she smiles accomplished-like. ]

That settles that. I really can't afford to get rusty..

[her smile fades into determination as she grabs her bow and arrow, and turns promptly on her heel, aiming precisely, each nerve in her body as taut as the bow she wields, and 1, 2, 3---fwip.

the arrow lands precisely in the center of the target.]


Thursday, January 27th, 2011 04:22 pm
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[There is a certain Princess sleeping with her arms on the table in the main area of the inn. On the table there is a jar of ink and a feather in it, along with a rather interesting list in neat ink. Near the end it seems to be messily trailing off, as the Princess seemed too sleepy to finish it. If you can pry it from under her arms, you might see the whole thing.

She nuzzles her cheek into the paper, and mutters something not unlike, 'Father'..

Trolling is encouraged. Along with snickering.]

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[Hello again, Dressing Room! In this lovely little corner you might find a rather pale looking princess holding a small pink dress. Wow this Natalia has a kid? She must have moved on fast! the princess holds it, looking very upset, as she all but dashes around the shopping center]

But I just had her...How could I be so careless? [she walks around to a store, peering in with worried, furrowed brows, big sad eyes]

She'll get hurt by herself--oh dear..I promised I'd take care of her--! I can't possibly have done something so foolish.. [she's flitting around like an anxious hummingbird, running down the street]


[ooc; Nat found a bb!Anise [livejournal.com profile] lilguardian in this dressing room and basically adopted her which equals double moe forever. She turned for one minute and now Anise escaped! Oh My! Feel free to wonder why she's holding a child's dress or stumble upon Anise herself, depending on which us decides to respond! :')  ]
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[Have a princess blinking curiously at her arrival, she seems to have stumbled into a ...kitchen, wearing an apron over her traveling clothes, and there is a book open on the counter with the words: 'EASY TO MAKE COOKIES THAT TURN OUT DELICIOUS'. She eyes it warily, and there is a silence, before, she eyes the kitchen, noting it's empty. ]

I don't recall Father and I discussing the installation of a new kitchen...and who would leave this out so...obviously?
[A pause, and she is eyeing the kitchen again, almost sneakily, yes, as the princess walks with grace, of course, always grace, to the book, and begins to read the recipe. ]

Very well, I don't see why not. After all, [and she is lifting the book to observe the title, oh Nataia, for all your strength, for all your passion, you are so very gullible] will they 'not turn out delicious'?

[And she begins to check the drawers for ingredients, thinking she's still in Baticul Castle. Oh and she's Post!Game so any dead people she will have a slight maybe possibly definitely mental break-down. First time here, o-oh that sounds kind of suggestive, but yes, um, b-be gentle. W-Wait that sounds suggestive too. /sob.]


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